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Making a ped uniform help!

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Hi there a few friends and I are making our own FiveM RP community and I am trying to make uniforms for us but just can't find a good youtube video on how to do it. I have never done it before and I have been trying to figure things out with paint.net and just can't can someone help me please?

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Check out one of the files that contains EUP uniform changes and it will probably tell you where the files are that you need to edit. Just export and edit them in Paint.net or whatever program you have. Some of the files like the shoulder chevrons for short sleeve shirts are are hard to find though, I gave up searching.


Main uniform locations should mostly be in these folders:




Then you just edit the original file until you have what you are trying to get. The size and placement may take some practice to get exactly what you want.





My final:



The uniform tie will be whatever color the stripe is on the right edge of the screen.

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