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0xc0000005 Crash While Loading

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Multiple people seem to be having this issue. The game will not load and crashes while loading.


Here's what I do know:


1. It's not caused by AVG/Windows Defender


2. It's not caused by any plugins, at least the ones I have removed from the directory


3. It's not directly caused by an Albo mod/script


4. My mods folder has no impact on whether there is a crash or not


5. Not EUP/Menyoo related, from removing those associated files


6. Not caused by any plugin/LSPDFR related thing.


I have not changed my game at all since I played it last a few months ago, the only things I have done recently are Scripthook and the new Ragehook. 


Any other ideas? 


Log attached.


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On 12/20/2018 at 8:02 PM, Pavy said:

Install this in your main directory and overwrite it. You have an old version.


Also remove Vstancer.asi,menyoo.asi, Enablempcars.asi


That worked for about an hour, I removed a bunch of crappy extra plugins and it's still happening except there is no Rage crash log anymore. 

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