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[WIP] RCMP Add-on for EUP

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RCMP Texture Pack for EUP

Brought to you by: Jdes95


This pack is for all my friends in the Great White North.

Ever wanted to give your game some of that good ol' Canadian flavour?

Now you can, this pack will give you the ability to become one of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's finest constables.


I am looking to begin work on this pack again adding new features and improving on the old pack, in the end I'm looking to create a pack that compliments the few, but quality RCMP vehicle packs on here.





Current Features:

  • Basic short and long sleeved uniforms (re done)


Current Planned Features:

  • Uniforms for female peds (currently being worked on)
  • ERT Uniforms (currently being worked on)
  • Hi Vis Jackets
  • Hi Vis Vest
  • Preset Outfits (currently being worked on)
  • .oiv installation 
  • Possible "Red Serge" (not sure how but I'll try)


Looking for members of the community to help out and make the process easier

Join the Discord at https://discord.gg/PxfazvA

Help make suggestions and/or help me test and give feedback on the progress.

Anybody willing to help out will have a chance to have their name (or a name of their choosing) added to the badge on the uniform and listed in the credits.


**Not representative of final product**


  • 09/12/2018

Progress is underway on the new pack, currently finished the three uniforms below, each are available in grey, white, and the pale blue used on RCMP uniforms.

@PieRGud is helping me out with the ERT and female uniforms. Hoping to have this out ASAP, next up is Hi Vis jackets and vests then making sure the preset outfits are where were want them for release. Potentially going to be a OIV install but not decided yet. Stay tuned folks.


Rain Gear.jpg

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