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RPH.exe doesn't match registry value

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Hi everyone! 

Couple of months ago I deleted my GTAV and now I reinstalled it and downloaded the mods bla bla bla. 
I installed rph of course, everything started fine but when it's starts to load the game the RPH crashes. 
I have run troubleshooter  by Albo1125 and it gave me the following(Picture attached). 
Also the crashreport: 

[2018.11.25. 7:53:26 du.]: LSPDFR Troubleshooter by Albo1125|
[2018.11.25. 7:53:27 du.]: Troubleshooter up to date: True|
[2018.11.25. 7:53:32 du.]: RPH Path selected: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\RAGEPluginHook.exe|
[2018.11.25. 7:53:37 du.]: RegGTAVPath: C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA V|
[2018.11.25. 7:53:41 du.]: WMP version: 12,0,9200,16579|
[2018.11.25. 7:53:41 du.]: Windows Folder path: C:\Windows|
[2018.11.25. 7:53:41 du.]: Windows Folder path: C:\Windows|
[2018.11.25. 7:53:41 du.]: C++ 2015 VS subkey exists: True|
[2018.11.25. 7:53:44 du.]: FileID: 10294. Up to date: True|
[2018.11.25. 7:53:46 du.]: FileID: 8107. Up to date: True|
[2018.11.25. 7:53:47 du.]: FileID: 8303. Up to date: True|
[2018.11.25. 7:53:48 du.]: FileID: 9689. Up to date: True|

Can someone pls help? 


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