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GTA V and RagePlugin problems

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Hey guys, is my first time here so I will already apologyze for any mistake or misunderstanding.

I have two main problems that are making me go crazy. The first one is that I just bought an SSD and re-downloaded my GTA in it. But the game is taking way too long just to show the sirens first screen. I cannot understand how it was faster in my HDD then o this SSD with 480gb with only the game in it.

Second problem is that I installed LCPDFR and update after it the RagePlugin with the lastest verrsion on their site. I try to open but it crashes before the sirens shows up. And here it's where I think that maybe the Rage is crashing because the game is taking too long to load? I tryied searching online some related problem but there is only people complaining about online time load, not the load before the siren screen. 

If someone can help me I would apreciate it a lot.  

Sorry for any language mistake!

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