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Welcome to the Thread of EasyLoadout 2


- What is this? 


EasyLoadout 2 is a Loadout plugin that doesn't require the LSPDFR plugin to function. Originally developed by sr7066 as LSPDFR plugin but discontinued. 

Since it is open-source I took over the development of my own Version called EasyLoadout 2.


- What have you planned?


If you want to play as bad guy  now you can! This plugin does not require LSPDFR at all. Only Rage is needed.

Further plans include: dynamic loadouts (so a update does not require any action from the plugin --> no update needed), support for custom weapons and mods

 - Download?


A Pre-Release Version is available at https://github.com/Aebian/EasyLoadout2/releases

Once I have enough features done, I will also provide this on LSPDFR.


Installation is pretty simple:

Drop the EasyLoadout2.dll & the Config-Folder into Grand Theft Auto V\Plugins\ 
Load the Plugin either manually via RPH Console (LoadPlugin EasyLoadout2) or directly via RPH settings


Default Keys I used: 

Open Menu Shift + F2 
Give last selected Loadout Shift + F3 

Default Loadout will be Agency.ini if you don't select another in the EasyLoadout2.ini



 - What else?


I want to give a huge THANK YOU to sr7066  for creating such amazing plugin and also thanks that you allow us to adapt and improve this plugin further 

© 2008 - 2018 by Knight Industries

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