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[GUIDE] What do I want my police vehicle to sound like?

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How can I change the audio on my car?


If wanting to change the audio for a default slot, such as police, police2, etc: In OpenIV, navigate to mods-->update-->update-->common-->data-->levels-->GTA5. 


If you're wanting to change the audio for a standalone car, navigate to where you installed the meta for that car.


Extract the vehicles.meta to your desktop.


Open the file, and find the line of the vehicle you want to modify.  You'll see this line:


<audioNameHash />


Rockstar has set it up to where the vanilla slots don't need to have anything else there for the namehash.  I'm not sure how that works exactly. For standalone cars, if it just has <audioNameHash />, the vehicle will not have any sound at all.  For most people, they never touch the audio name hash and stick with default sounds.  However, it's really awkward to drive around a Tahoe and have it sound like a Vic, right?  Below I'll list the proper way the namehash should look when you edit it, and then I'll include a list of cars you can put in the namehash to make your vehicles sound more realistic.


Contrary to what some people might think, if you have ELS, you can use civilian car names in the audio name hash.  However, you will also have the normal car radio activated.  The only way to fix this is either turning the music all the way down/off, or going in the options menu each time and changing the radio to off.  Before we continue, I need to point something out.  If you are not using ELS, this guide won't be as beneficial to you.  The audionamehash dictates how your vehicle sounds and if it has a siren.  If you change the namehash to anything but a police car, you will no longer have emergency services capability in your vehicle. 



If you're looking for a specific vehicle, you can search using CTRL + F and enter keyword. 


This is how it should look once you've edited it:  <audioNameHash>police</audioNameHash>



Crown Vic


  • police


Dodge Charger


  • 2010 and under (or using the old body style), use police2
  • 2011+ Charger, windsor


Ford Taurus/Caprice/Impala


  • fugitive  (You can use police3. which might work better for the Impala, but I personally prefer fugitive.  Sounds a lot meaner)


Ford Explorer


  • gresley


Chevrolet Tahoe


  • baller


Ford Expedition


  • fbi2/sheriff2/pranger (all three of them are essentially Expeditions, so take your pick)


Chevrolet Silverado / Ford F-150 / Ford F-350


  • bison
  • sadler  (either or works)


Dodge Durango


  • gresley


Dodge Challenger


  • gauntlet


Ford Mustang


  • dominator


Ford Fusion


  • tailgater  (fugitive can also work, it depends on your taste)


BMW Motorcycle - I have not dived into giving police motorcycles different audio, so I do not have personal experience on what sounds good with what bike.  I usually stick with vanilla POLICEB. If someone else has a better recommendation for police bike audio, shoot me a PM.


Chevrolet Corvette


  • coquette


Chevrolet Avalanche


There is not currently a GTA version of the Avalanche, so you can refer to the suggested audio for Chevy Silervado, or play around with it and find one you prefer.


Chevrolet Camaro


  • gauntlet



If you think a certain namehash works better with "blank" car, send me a PM!

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