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Hello everyone. I've been watching various YouTubers and Steamers playing LSPDFR on GTA V and noticed that they have CAD (think that's the term - computer-aided-dispatch) websites or websites to enhance roleplay by allowing vehicle & ped search, dispatching and much more.


I've been out of the loop regarding LSPDFR for some time and was wondering if there are released CAD systems for GTA 5. If so, are they any good?


The reason I ask is I've been after a web project to do outside of work and think this could be a good opportunity. I'd really like to have this community-driven as well, it would more than likely be a free and open source app too. 


If someone could give some insight on whether this has been done, is being done or is worth doing that would be great. 


As a bit of background about myself, I'm a full-stack web developer working full-time. I used to play GTA 4&5 LSPDFR a lot during my free time, as of recent I haven't but I hope to pick it up again.


Thanks for reading. 

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