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LSPDFR Frequently Asked Questions

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The following FAQs will be exclusively for LSPDFR, and will not include any other plugins aside from very minor RagePluginHook.  If you're looking for GTA V related FAQs, which includes RagePluginHook and ELS specific issues check my sister topic - GTA V Support FAQs


I'll do my best to keep this topic up to date, but as we do get a plethora of support requests, I may end up falling slightly behind with updating this topic.  If there's something that I missed/forgot to add that you think should be here, please PM me.  I'd also like to give credit to @ineseri as I used some text from his FAQs.


Note: These FAQs are not in any particular order.  If you're looking for something specific, press CTRL + F and search for keywords relating to your problem.  I've tried to be helpful with this process by adding in extra keywords that really weren't necessary. You're welcome. :tongue:




How do I install LSPDFR?


You can download LSPDFR from here -


Here is a guide to help you in the event the readme isn't helpful to you - https://www.lcpdfr.com/lspdfr/install    There are also plenty of installation tutorials on Youtube by folks such as Jeff Favignano. (I've named him specifically because I personally feel his tutorials are some of the best and most helpful)


Note: In the event your RagePluginHook is not up to date, you will need to download the latest version from here - http://ragepluginhook.net/Downloads.aspx



What are the controls/keybinds for LSPDFR?






Can I change the LSPDFR controls/keybinds?


Unfortunately not.  As an alternative, you can change GTA V's controls in the options menu.  (escape on keyboard/start on controller, then settings, and game controls.



Why is LSPDFR crashing repeatedly on the RagePluginHook loading screen?/"LSPDFR has crashed" spam when loading game via Rage?


Do you also see "Fatal error" where Rage is loading everything?  If so, once the game is closed, open the Rage settings and look under "advanced settings".  You'll see an option, "Enable counter measures against online vehicles from being removed in single player" is checked.  Uncheck this option, save and launch.


How do I start LSPDFR? / How do I verify if it's working?


You can either launch the game via RagePluginHook.exe first, or you can launch GTA V, and once in game, alt tab out and start Rage.  Once in game, press F4 to open RagePluginHook's menu.  Once it's open, type "LoadPlugin LSPD First Response.dll".  If you don't want to type it out, all you have to do is start typing the name and it should come up with the mod automatically.  Just press tab to insert the selection into the console.  If all is working, you should hear a sound and see you have new commands in the Rage console.


Note: For convenience, you can go into RagePluginHook's settings and make it so that Rage automatically loads LSPDFR when it's starting.



Why won't my RagePluginHook console open?/RagePluginHook console not opening?/When I press F4 the screen freezes, but the console doesn't appear!/I can see the police station icons on the map, but can't interact!


Go to the RagePluginHook Settings ---> Game settings ---> Command line switches check "Force Windowed mode" and "Force DirectX11" then save and launch.  You can change back to full screen once in game.   If this doesn't fix it, there might be an installation error.  At that point, I'd reinstall RagePluginHook and create a support topic.



How do I restart LSPDFR if it crashes?/Restarting LSPDFR?


Open the Rage console with F4 and type "LoadPlugin LSPD First Response.dll" 



How do I go on duty?


You can either go to a police station (the black shield and white star icons on the map) and walk to the star, or you can press F4 to open the Rage console and type "forceduty".



LSPDFR crashes when I go on duty or forceduty/Why does LSPDFR crash when going on duty?


If the crash message is "LSPDFR was terminated because it took too long to load", this is an anti-freezing measure/plugin timeout threshold that is in place with RagePluginHook.  The plugin timeout threshold it to prevent an infinite loading screen that forces you to close GTA V all together.  When you have a lot of LSPDFR plugins, it might take a good few seconds to a minute before everything is loading up depending on your machine.  Personally, I almost always experience a "took too long to load" crash the first time I go on duty.  When it crashes, you will need to reload LSPDFR and go on duty again.  If it still doesn't work, this indicates the problem is with one one of the plugins inside the LSPDFR (plugins-->LSPDFR) folder.  The best way to figure out the culprit is by removing whatever you recently added, or remove all your LSPDFR plugins and re-add them one by one.  A very tedious task, but it's what you'll be advised to do anyway.



How can I have a partner?


At this time LSPDFR does not have a partner system in place.  If you have a trainer, you can also spawn a bodyguard and he (or they) can be your partner(s).  Be warned that the trainer AI are not the brightest bulbs on the tree.



How can I call for EMS?/How can I call for an ambulance?


Press the backup menu button (B on keyboard/right joystick on controller).



How can I call for a coroner?/Can we call for a coroner?


LSPDFR does not have a coroner system in place.




How do I perform a traffic stop? / How can I pull over a vehicle?


Get up right behind the car and press shift on keyboard or A on controller.  You should hear a noise and see a red blip on your map, this means it was successful.  Turn on your emergency lights and you're good.  If they stop in a bad place, you can honk your horn to make them move up.



How can I see the suspect's name/ID again?


Pause the game and go into settings-->brief-->notifications.



How can I stop someone on foot?


Walk close to the person you want to stop and use the context menu (E on keyboard or Right d-pad on controller) to make them stop.  If there are multiple peds around, all will stop and face you.  If you approached a stop ped, you will see a menu appear. From here you can interact with them.  If you only want the initial person you were after to stand there and stare deep into your soul you can go up to the other stopped peds and using the context menu dismiss them.


You can perform records checks by using the Police Radio in the Interaction Menu - choose Subject Records Check, type in the name of the subject, and press Enter.


Notes:  Stopping peds on foot is currently broke, somewhat.  When you first start your shift you'll be able to stop them without issues, but after a while it breaks.  If this happens, you have no choice but to arrest them at gun point (aiming a weapon at them and holding the context menu).  If you don't want to use a gun for every takedown, a flashlight works)



How do I arrest someone?/How do I make an arrest?


  • Face the person you want to arrest and hold the context menu key (E on keyboard, right d-pad on controller).  Please see the note in the previous question regarding this if it doesn't work.


  • Aim a weapon at them and hold the context menu key.



How can I call for a transport unit?/How do I call prisoner transport/PT?


Press backup menu button (B on keyboard, right thumb stick on controller) and go to code 2 response.



How do I get the suspects out of my car? / Removing suspects from my car?


Walk up to whichever seat they are in and click the context menu button (E on keyboard or right d-pad on controller).  First you will open the rear door, you will then need to hit the context menu again to get them out of the car.  I know what you're probably going to ask, "How can can we pull them out of the vehicle softly instead of throwing them on the ground?"  Look, this is San Andreas.  Kiddie gloves aren't a thing.  (In all seriousness, that's the only way to pull 'em out)  Second, you will need to set the suspect(s) on the ground, and then you will use the context menu.



How can I have my emergency lights on without the siren?/Emergency Lights only?


Press J to turn off the siren.  If this doesn't work, you might be running multiple instances of LSPDFR.  The best way to check this is opening the Rage console and unloading the plugin.



What is the difference between backup types?/Is there a difference between backup units?


Code 2 - Officers will respond with no lights or siren, and will drive normally.  On traffic stops the AI will pull up behind the car you have stopped and wait.


Code 3 - Officers respond with full lights and siren, and will drive with a sense of urgency - ignore the bodies they leave in their wake.  On traffic stops they will get out with guns drawn.


Pursuit - Officers will join the nearest pursuit.



Can I play LSPDFR with my friends?/Is there LSPDFR online multiplayer?


No, and for the foreseeable future this will not change.  LSPDFR will continue to be single player only.



Why are none of my LSPDFR plugins working?/LSPDFR plugins not loading?


Make sure you installed them correctly.  LSPDFR dependent plugins go to Grand Theft Auto V main directory-->Plugins-->LSPDFR.



Why don't I have an LSPDFR folder within plugins?/Missing the LSPDFR folder for plugins?


You need to create this folder yourself.  The folder name must be named LSPDFR in all capital letters and needs to be inside the plugins folder.



What is the difference between the lspdfr folder in the main directory and the LSPDFR folder within plugins?


The lowercase lspdfr folder houses some of LSPDFR's files including backup.xml and the police scanner/audio folders.  The all capital LSPDFR folder is for your LSPDFR dependent plugins.



How can I change which backup units respond?/Why isn't my backup responding?/No backup?


Go into the lspdfr folder in the main GTA V directory and open backup.xml.  While you can open this file with notepad, to maintain the proper format and to make editing easier, I strongly encourage installing Notepad++.  This is a free program.  The backup.xml gives you a bit of help on editing it, and it's quite easy to do once you get the hang of it.  You can also follow what's already laid out for you and just add to it. 


If you're backup is not responding and you recently edited the backup.xml, chances are you made a mistake.  What you add to that file has to match exactly what the other options are.  I have had many of times where I added a new vehicle and added a lowercase v to <vehicle> and it breaks the file from working.


If you've requested backup but none are arriving, or you see them on the map but they aren't moving, check your trainers and make sure "AI ignore player", "police ignore player" or similar options are not enabled.



Why am I lagging when going on duty?/Lag when going on duty?


The lag is predominately caused by LSPDFR plugins being loaded, however I will note that this is more noticeable on lower to mid end PCs.  Take into account how many LSPDFR plugins you have installed.  The more you have = the worse the lag will be.  Some of the plugins are resource hogs, so if you're experiencing lag or severe lag, try removing all LSPDFR plugins and see if the lag dissipates.  If it does, one by one re-add your LSPDFR plugins until the lag starts again.



Why don't I have any audio when callouts come in?


 If you're not hearing the audio for default LSPDFR callouts, you may of installed LSPDFR incorrectly.  I'd double check your GTA V directory with the manual LSPDFR download and see if there's any differences.  Do note that some callout packs don't have any audio files, which would be another reason why.



Why is LSPDFR crashing while playing?/Crashes during game?


It could be a variety of reasons.  The best way to find the answer is checking your RagePluginHook log to see what the crash says.  The log isn't difficult to read, you just gotta take the time to understand it.  The next step is to revert whatever change you recently did or remove whatever you added.



None of these solved my problem.  How can I get support?


Create a new topic in LSPDFR support & Information  - https://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/forum/888-support-information/


It may also be beneficial to you if you download this unofficial LSPDFR troubleshooter and see what it comes back with -


For helper's convenience, please include the following in your post:


  • Clear and detailed information concerning your issue, which includes what led to the problem.
  • When did the issue start?  Does it happen every single time?
  • Did you take any steps yourself to try and rectify the problem?
  • Attach TheRagePluginHook text document to your post or post the log in spoilers.  Speaking personally, it is much easier to read the actual Rage log document than trying to read the whole thing in a post.  So if possible, please try and attach the document itself.
  • Any other mods that you are running, regardless if they are LSPDFR dependent or not.  However, only include plugins you actually had loaded at the time.
  • A screenshot of your GTA V directory, including the file path at the top of the folder.
  • Are all your mods up to date?  This includes RagePluginHook.
  • Have you installed these?  https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30679 - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30653




Radio Codes



The LSPD uses what the LAPD and surrounding areas of California uses; 

Code 1          Acknowledge Call/Respond Over Radio
Code 2          Routine Call, No Lights or Siren
Code 2-HIGH     Priority Call, No Lights or Siren 
Code 3          Emergency Call, Lights and Siren 
Code 4          No Further Assistance Needed
Code 5          Stakeout - Stay Away
Code 6          Out of Car on Investigation
Code 6A         Out of Car on Investigation, Requires Assistance    
Code 6C         Out of Car on Investigation, Suspect is Wanted
Code 6G         Out of Car on Investigation, Gang Activity        
Code 7          Meal Break
Code 8          Fire Alarm
Code 8A         Working Fire
Code 10         Request to Clear Frequency for Crime Broadcast
Code 12         False Alarm
Code 20         Notify Media
Code 30         Burglar Alarm (Code 30 Ringer or Code 30 Silent)
Code 37         Vehicle is Reported Stolen
Code 77         Caution, Possible Ambush
Code 99         Emergency
Code 100        In Position to Intercept

148             Resisting Arrest
187             Homicide
207             Kidnapping
211             Armed Robbery
211 SILENT      Silent Holdup Alarm
240             Assault
242             Battery
245             Assault With Deadly Weapon
246             Shooting in Dwelling
261             Rape
288             Lewd Conduct
311             Indecent Exposure 
374             Illegal Dumping
390             Intoxicated Person
415             Disturbance
417             Person With a Gun
451             Arson
459             Burglary
470             Forgery
480             Hit and Run
484             Theft
487             Grand Theft
488             Petty Theft
502             Driving Under the Influence (DUI) 

10-10           Out of Service
10-11           Talk Slower
10-12           Visitors Present
10-14           Escort
10-15           Enroute With Prisoner
10-16           Pick Up Prisoner
10-17           Pick Up Document
10-23           Stand-By
10-24           Trouble at Station
10-27           Check Driver's License
10-34           Resume Normal Broadcast
10-35           Confidential Information
10-36           Correct Time
10-37           Name of Operator
10-39           Message Delivered
10-86           Traffic Check
10-97           Arriving On Scene
10-98           Assignment Complete
10-99           Emergency

AC              Aircraft Crash
BT              Bomb Threat
PR              Person Reporting (Complaintant)
RD              Reporting District (Division plus Master Beat)
TC              Traffic Collision



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