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LSPDFR - Will not start/load

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Hey guys, having some trouble after the new update. Can't seem to get past the loading menu to launch up LSPDFR. Gets to the main screen where it says patching, initializing, loading plugins but it never loads past that and it just sits there. No hang, no crash, just have to alt-f4 or end task to get out of it. Let it sit for over 30 minutes and it doesn't load in any ideas why? 


Attached ragepluginhook report let me know if you need anything else. Thanks!


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53 minutes ago, xqsekx said:

I'm having the same issue


11 hours ago, boomer2840 said:

how did you fix it?


I had the same problem with mine as well. I know this is the last thing you're going to want to hear, but I had to reinstall the game to get it to launch again properly. I had the exact same issues as you have both stated (basically freezing somewhere between clicking to open RagePluginHook and the launch of GTA).


Someone else might have a better way of fixing this, I was planning on reinstalling anyways so it wasn't a big deal for me but I know for others it is. From what I read it seems to be something with the updated RPH and the new GTA version but not sure, someone else on here will know.


Note***: When you do get it to work, as of right now, @Albo1125 is updating the "canonical" LSPDFR mods (trafficpolicer, arrestmanager, etc...). You will be prompted with this information upon loading. ...Just throwing this in here because I have already seen 5 posts with questions about it.


Hope this is of some help...

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I'm sure you use open IV. It is having a problem w/ your mods folder. What you need to do is delete your update.rpf file in mods and extract the new one from your update folder. 


Sadly doing that gets rid of most of your car mods, as well as various other things. So just keep that in mind. That fixed it for me. So i'd do the above steps, launch make sure you get in game and then re-install your cars. 

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