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GMAntonZ LSPDFR Patrol Series!

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EDIT: WOW! I've come along way since I started, already hitting over 19,000 subscribers! Check out my latest LSPDFR episode right here:



I also live stream a lot of LSPDFR on my channel as well, and here are the latest highlights from the streams: 



Original Post:


Hey guys, I'm new to the community, just starting out on YouTube and I picked GTAV and LSPDFR as my go-to game and mod to get started on making gaming videos. Been lurking for a long time, watching gamers like Jeff play, so I thought I give it a shot too. Check out my first episode, let me know what you think! I know it's a little rough around the edges, but we all gotta start somewhere 🙂



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i will agree with ma friend up there. nice episode..you got a good voice for it and its really professional (which is KEY to successful LSPDFR videos)  i would recommend installing traffic control and keep calm if you dont have them. that way your traffic stops arent turned into clusterfucks :P if you need any help, just drop me a line! good luck :D

Wanna Roleplay with Me? Join me at kuffsgaming.com and we'll see ya there 😄

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Thanks guys for checking out the video and for the comments, I really appreciate it! I do have Traffic Control installed, just have to remember to use it :) And thanks for the suggestion on Keep Calm, I'll get that installed as well, cause yeah I definitely experience a "clusterfuck" every time there is action, and then everyone freaks out :)

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