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My Game Keeps Crashing

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Hey. My game will keep crashing as soon as it starts loading the mission name. It just says "GTA IV Has Stopped Working".

I have:

Liberty Zombie Infection Mod (www.gta4-mods)

Saab Gripen w/ rockets

GMC 4500 Topkick

SNT 6.4

Ghost Skin for Niko

Sgt's TC

UH-60 Blackhawk by Smokey

Aircraft Carrier Mod

And I have everything needed. Don't know what happened. I have tried and got everything to work except the Saab and Zombies mods. I think it might be the Zombie mod. Not sure. What do you guys think?

Thanks for your help!

Forgot to add that I don't have LCPD:FR.

I SOLVED IT! Installed the wrong patch info. Topic can be closed, please. Game crashes whenever I spawn the jet. Anyone know why?

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