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Easy anyone should know but i dont..

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58 minutes ago, GiveIt110Percnt said:

How do i set up my els like this (at 0:52


If you're talking about the information display, I know for a fact that's described in the documentation that comes with ELS. You could of course also just check the config file for keybinds you don't know and try them ingame.

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On 9.9.2016. at 4:55 AM, GiveIt110Percnt said:

@Janis28 Hey so i got it working but when i set it... in ELS.ini it doesnt work.. i still have to press ctrl m...

which button did you change M place?

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It might be just 7 on your keyboard (Not numpad) if you're using the RCMP 7.0, it should be something similar like that. Just keep trying the numbers on there.


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