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Detective Callouts

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I'm aware that there are many callouts that offer investigations such as homicide and petrol gas thefts etc. but I think that it would be absolutely amazing to incorporate more in-depth callouts that would take some time to complete. Sort of LA Noir style investigations. There's a murder and you have to question people and take leads etc. Essentially a LS Noir Callouts mod where you can take the role of a Traffic Detective, or Arson, etc. (I don't remember all of the roles in LA Noir)


Just an idea

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Except when the callouts contain evidence you need to search for (containing 26 different categories, and over 400 combinations) as well as the ability for those to dynamically alter the course of the callout (as in they may provide complete or partial DNA, etc) and that they involve many steps that can be done in different orders (and some may be skipped based on certain parameters).

While I agree that if you play enough they will be routine, however if someone puts the effort in to their plugin it can be different most of the time.


Secondary Callouts FINAL V1.0.0.0 Download

PolicingMDT Download

LS Noir -- WIP Forum Post

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