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security gaurd callouts?

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13 minutes ago, ben141211 said:

Just wondering if someone could make some callouts or something to involve the security guard?

I image you could work these into general police call-outs aswell, a pack named "Routine Call-outs"

The types of calls could be along the lines of:

  • Trespassing
  • Vagrancy
  • Breaking & Entering (Large Industrial areas)
  • Shoplifting

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41 minutes ago, Gunner 9213 said:

I would love to see more calls like this. Actual police work. Not every call is a code 3 balls to the wall call.

Well as someone who undertakes law enforcement work out in the real world (sad I know, I love LSPDFR and yet I enjoy playing it in my down time...) the calls aren't centered around what I would consider 'real world' encounters, bar perhaps the mundane traffic stops.

In an average week I'll deal with:

  • Persons suffering with Mental Health Issues. (Self Harm, Threats of Suicide, Suicide Attempts, Erratic Behaviour etc.)
  • Disturbance/Public Order issues. (Domestic Incidents, Persons being threatened/abused, Fist Fights etc.)
  • Theft. (Lots of theft... Ranging from Shop theft, theft of personal property, theft from plant/industry etc.)
  • Criminal Damage (Criminal Damage to persons property)
  • Trespass/Burglaries (Suspicious persons seen in closed works/industry)
  • Vagrancy/Begging (I think you yanks call this 'pan-handling')
  • Burglar Alarm Activated (Classed as suspicious activity)
  • Missing/Vulnerable Persons (LOTS of missing/vulnerable persons - end up running them home or to places of safety.)

These crimes aren't represented in the game, Burglary would be a fantastic one as an  example, attend a scene, speak to a witness who provides a suspect description, search a specified area for suspect, suspect located commence stop/search and arrest said suspect.



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5 minutes ago, ben141211 said:

Would love to know if anyone could make callouts like these ? Id love to do a security patrol I dont know why XD

My point is what I guess the majority of people on here would consider 'security work' is just the general day to day, mundane, police work most officers end up dealing with.

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Ah right , well in that case id love too see more break ins or someones alarm going off and you have to respond and investigate maybe someone will make something like this I hope 

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