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Police2 and Police3 Siren Help

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Hello Everyone! Happy Holidays!


I am trying install the vehicle below by POLICESCO



I got it installed yet I am having issues with the lightbar, and see blocks instead of the lights. I know in order to make this work I must use the lightbar settings for either the police or sheriff cruiser since they both have rotating lightbars. A member named Mercenary explained that I have to take the "police" carvariations data and place it in the Mpchristmas2 carvariations.meta, then rename the data from "police" to "police3". 


Can someone please help me get the proper carvariations data for "police"?



Thanks in advance!

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Did you fix or solve it? I'm adding this vehicle in a add slot so I figured once I did that later if you haven't found your data for it I could post the lines for you to copy.

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