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DS Young

No notification to say on duty.

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Evening everyone.

Just wondering if anyone else has came across the issue when the enter a station and select their character and vehicle, they do not get a message saying "You are now on duty as a Police Officer, Sheriff" etc?

Anyone else had this issue and know a way to fix it, or is it something that does not show up anymore. it does however show up when i go off duty. It tells me " You are no longer a Police Officer" or something along those lines.

I am also struggling to get the latest version of 'Traffic Policer' working on the latest version of RHP and LSPDFR. I've got the two files in the GTA 5 directory and the traffic Policer dll/ini files in Plugins, LSPDFR. Anyone got tips on how to fix either of these problems?




DS Young.

Detective Sergeant.

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