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Test Your Survival Skills - Interactive Video

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Yay, I didn't die! :D

Awesome & creative way to advertise the game, I like it. I was already interested in it, just for it's concept. Now I'm even more interested seeing this piece of creativity. :thumbsup:


EDIT: I went back & replayed it, doing different choices, & I love how some choices take you a bit further & show you different things, like the "Bomber" zombie one being only in a certain choice.

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Holy crap that was awesome! I survived.. and i have decided to purchase the game. more devs should release interactive videos like this.. because well.. it's freaking awesome!

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Damn. First try. That was pretty damn cool. Shows my survival skills  :whistling:  Help no-one, create diversions and take some time to choose tactics. 

"In a man to man fight, the winner is he who has one more round in his magazine."

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