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LCPDFR in Visual Studio 2012 help

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So I've been looking at scripts and how to make them, I figured my first mod would be to be a toll booth operator on the bridge in GTA IV (Not sure what it's called). It's sounds boring but basically you receive money from people, then you press a key on the keyboard to open the gate and let them pass through. Is this possible within LCPDFR? If so, would anyone be interested in this kind of mod? This does sound boring and repetitive but I thought it would be a fun first script to make.


But before I can get going on this script, I kind of need help. I posted a thread in the GTA IV mod discussion forum but I didn't get help there. The API didn't help me. I installed VS2012 express properly, everything is installed right. But, I have loaded all the references required, but everytime I try to print using lcpd_first_response; etc, etc, I get this error:


Error 2 The type or namespace name 'LCPD_First_Response' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) C:GamesGTA IVGrand Theft Auto IVLCPDFRAPI ExampleCalloutsPursuit.cs 7 11 API Example

? I've even tried loading the example script that came with LCPDFR and it gave me the same error. Oh, and it gives me four of these errors( Engine, Input, plugins, LCPDFR.API) which I then basically can't write anything.
Appreciate the help!


Oh, I'm using C# as well.

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Locate the LCPDFR.dll in your references and replace it with the current build. Then re-add it as reference, it should work. Feel free to post a screenshot of your references.

Please do not PM me unless really necessary (knowing you helps). If you think you need my attention in a topic, tag me.

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I'd suggest you to start from something else. The idea you described may be used in an interesting script but

1) it doesn't have much in common with LCPD:FR API - it's more about object manipulation (ScriptHook),

2) you'd need to override some GTA scripts which wouldn't be easy.


it will make you pissed quickly and you'll give up instead of enjoying the new hobby.


I highly recommend you to start the adventure with peds and their tasks, eg. create a script which will spawn a ped with a blip who's walkin' around and your task is to arrest him. He may also flee when he sees you or start shootin when you point a gun on him. It will learn you to manage resources, end calls, protect the script from exceptions etc. Feel free to post code snippets so we can help you.

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