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What's Your Favorite LCPDFR Moment?

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When you can't see 2 feet infront of you on a foggy night. You get that dreaded call. A shots fired call. You don't want to go but something makes you press "y". You know you can't see anything, you know you might not make it out. Your blood is racing, your heart pumping, you want to delay your arrival, but something makes you weave through traffic like a madman, sirens blazing. You arrive on scene, you rush to get your Shotgun from the trunk. You don't have your flashlight mod enabled, your ENB makes it realistically dark, you don't know what's behind the corner. You want to wait for backup, but something makes you rush into the dark alley. You are scared, but something gives you the strength to go in to serve justice..


Prank call...

A cop is no good if he refuses to lay down his life for the safety of others


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Just yesterday I was chasing a stolen police car. The pursuit started in Broker/Dukes and ended in Bohan, we were coming around the corner and the suspect lost control and drove off a cliff. So I stopped and got out and as soon as I turned around; a squad car came drifting totally sideways right into me. I ended up getting killed. So then I ''Borrowed'' an ambulance as the chase was still going and to also get my vehicle back as I saved it with the trainer. When I got there, two cops and the suspect were down by the water (and also my vehicle that they pushed) the suspect started driving straight into the water and was killed by the two officers down there.



''A quiet man, is a thinking man. A quiet woman, is usually mad.''






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