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StartCallout() - missing method

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I can't run execute the method neither from console nor directly from my code, here's the important part of logs



[ERROR - 12:35:13] [Plugin.TestPlugin] System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'Void LCPD_First_Response.LCPDFR.API.Functions.StartCallout(System.String)'.
   at API_Example.TestPlugin.Process()
   at ay.b()
[ERROR - 12:35:13] [ExceptionHandler]  API_Example.TestPlugin.Process() L_ffffffff 
 ay.b() L_00a0 
Error hash: 4B730627DA46BEDC75E6101A0431339BD749D283

My VS links the StartCallout() properly but every in-game usage ends in the same way - an exception.

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