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ENB: How do I turn off DOF in the effects or config file?

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Hey guys,


I finally found a great ENB that works great with  I am using Savior ENB v3.5 '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>



I love the ENB, but there seems to be no motion blur up close when moving around with your mouse and I am not a fan of the strong DOF.  I dont want to turn off the definition option because I like the smoother motion look on the road when at high speeds and unfortunately this is connected to the strong DOF.  So how do I turn off just the DOF?  Is it in the effects file or the enbconfig.ini and where?  I have played around with just about every setting I can find in both the enbconfig and the effects file in connection with a DOF setting and nothing seems to change or have any affect. 


Also, this is a pretty graphics intensive ENB, so is there some options that would help raise my FPS that you know of?  I've turned off "Force Antialaizing" and lowered it in game to x4.  That helped, but sure lost a lot of FPS when upgrading to from and then even more when installing this ENB. 


Please let me know and work with me on this.  Thank you. 

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I am beginning to suspect that the only people that come into the support section are the people with problems and issues and none of us know how to fix each others issues.  Especially with ELS V8 and ENB. 


I actually know there are thousands of people that know the answer to my questions, but I don't think those people are coming into the support section unless they just want to feel good about themselves and help someone today.  I hope I am lucky enough to get one of those guys to drop my way.  Please?

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