Grand Theft Auto IV: Vehicle Modifications Forum This forum is only for creating Release (REL) and Work In Progress (WIP) threads for Grand Theft Auto IV vehicle modifications. Textures and Models are both allowed. You may: Create separate threads for Work In Progress and Released mods, or create one thread for both. Double-post in, or bump, your thread when providing updates. Post in your old, "dead" threads if providing an update. Post updates for textures and vehicle models in the same thread. You may not: Show off ripped or stolen mods. Show off mods that will not be released to the public.  Show off mods that will be released on other sites. Create a thread for every individual vehicle or texture. Post mod request or mod support threads. In addition to the above, you must add one of the following tags to your thread (under "Topic Tags" when creating a thread), depending on what your thread is about: WIP REL WIP/REL Some tips for creating a thread here include providing a title of the mod(s), a useful description of each one, some screenshots or a video, and a LCPDFR download link (if released).