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GTA IV PC | Los Angeles Police Department Pursuit "I am the Police" *DASHCAM*

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Northeast Division LAPD Officers (11X12) pursue a Code 37 vehicle out of Rampart. Suspects (2) bail on foot. Air unit above. Dashcam was created by myself, not an in game mod.
11X12, 11X22, 11X9, 11L10, 11A13, AIR 6
Enjoy! Comments/ Feedback is welcome, I tried my best to make this as realistic as possible. Styled in the theme of End of Watch, my all time favourite movie... Ever. Love the LAPD and this movie is my favourite because of that!
Please note I only put videos that I think are worth sharing on here, NOT ALL OF MY VIDEOS GET POSTED on LCPDFR. So I don't consider myself a frequent uploader. 

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wow. That video looks great, like real footage. I like the way you stay on the car when the suspects are taken down, it gives the video a sense of realism


Thank you!


I figured I see all these other GTA IV dashcam videos and they always seem to magically leave the car! LOL that was the whole idea! Thanks for watching.



And LOL! I just noticed a bug in the dashcam, but I wont say it. I'll let you guys figure it out. Silly me! -_-

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what siren


Federal Signal Smart Siren, modified by myself to only have WAIL and YELP tones as per California Siren law.

How'd you get the camera to stay on the car?


I stayed in the vehicle to produce a realistic aspect of the chase. In the game reality of things, I never once stepped out of the car, but you can all use your imaginations! :D

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