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GTA V Police LED Graphics line cross langauge

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When attempting to modify the blur on LEDS On police vehicles, the specified line 



ping localhost -t


cd l:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\Update\ etc.. 


It switches between batch and markup, how would you import both launguages through one document? I have tried converting batch over but it wont recognize those contents and ends up fucking up..

I have also tried creating an application that specifies both languages in one or two documents, in the same patchday, but still noluck. Its also really weird that it would use cd.. to move back one space, rather than just using the path with cd, which is strange as if it gets edited it wont indicate the path. 

Any help or ideas?

Please dont comment saying anything about importing them both over as seperates cos i wont even relpy to that thats just common sence.

Tanks 🙂 


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Aswell I forgot to mention I have no idea why it using a drive I dont have accessible on my pc, or allocated. Even if I did, i would have to rename it to L: as by default it doesn't use it, unless i had over 10 drives, it shouldnt use it. It may just be an eg. and uses the correct path seen on my pc, but if i had multiple? It's weird, but yet again so is everything about this.


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