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Auto Pursuit Backup 2.0.3

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Simply turn on the mod (Default: NumPad0), turn on your sirens and dispatch will automatically send units to your location.

Tired of having to spam the 'b' button when you want backup and also tired of being on a pursuit on your own?
I wrote this LSPDFR plugin to passively get other officers to assist, and they'll help you with sirens wailing.

You can set the maximum amount of units that will assist (per pursuit) in the INI file with the plugin.

Just don't worry about a thing next time you make a traffic stop or engage in a callout, your buddies will help :D

If your units are desperate, they'll send in a heli to help also.

Just insert in the GTAV\Plugins\LSPDFR folder and don't forget the .INI!

What's New in Version 2.0.3


New in 2.0.3!:

*Code optimization
*Using "Help" notifications instead of above-map notifications to release clutter.

Known bugs:
*None yet




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18 hours ago, The Loot said:

@Joshy24 Do you think you could update it to interface with the Custom Backup API for people who have that installed?

Sure! I just got back into coding >:)
I'll give it a looksie.

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Not sure if anyone still reads the comments, but I really need this mod since my backup never responds during pursuits.

The latest download contains the script from January 2015, so I'm guessing it's not the latest version? The links in description are broken.

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