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Marked Mesa3 1.0.0

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This is the mesa3 used by merry weather that I added lights and decals to. I added the lights and decals that I took from the gta sheriff's suv , interceptor,  and the police buffalo I hope yall have fun with this and a video will be posted on youtube shortly. I know the decals on this and the sandking aren't the best but I'm brand new and learning how to do these things.  https://youtu.be/fWIcpdFEzNg  If you use /change this vehicle give credits.

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Generally I like it but some of the lights need changing for RP purposes. Normally the back and front lights are standard white lights but they flash when siren is on. If that is fixed this will probably be one of my favourite mods so far.

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Is this able to pull over Civ Vehicles?

Yep it sure will or at least they pull over or get out of the way for me even when I drive as franklin


As I've said on gta5-mods, please, improve the vehicle mapping and make a SAPR (Park Ranger) version.

yeah I've got a little learning to do on applying the decals for looks. park ranger may be in the works soon for this and the sandking.

Cool! I was just thinking of this.

whats left with big tires? ohhh the monster truck !!!!

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Suggestion: The lightbar looks a bit puny on this. Maybe try the spinning lightbar instead, to see if that looks like it fits better?

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