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Emergency uniforms pack - Law & Order 7.5

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In order to select and customize outfits, you NEED to get the menu here:



EUP is an all-in-one modification that gives us the free range to create your own law enforcement officer as you patrol the streets and roads of San Andreas. U mad Ronson?

This time, play different - be different. Adapt your style to the situation. Get your gear on - use a High-Vis vest to direct traffic, a waterproof jacket on a rainy day or a tactical outfit when the situation gets hot. Choose from various lore-friendly departments base of real life. Customize various components of your outfits.

To go on duty with a custom character, don't go on duty from the stations. Instead, open the console (F4) and type ForceDuty and press enter, after you loaded your mp character



For General discussions, beta registration, support and more follow this link to our Discord Server:


1) Emergency Uniforms Pack follows Realism Dispatch Enhanced enhancements and look meaning all the uniforms textures looks the same as the latest version of RDE. You don't need RDE to play with EUP, but I strongly recommend you to get it.

this mod is not made for using in GTA Online!

To prevent lost of previously made characters or outfits, don't overwrite Characters.ini and Wardrobe.ini files
during reinstall or update

Uninstall previous version of EUP before installing this version, as it is a different installation

2) EUP rpf files installation are an OIV package installer, watch this video to learn how to install an OIV package:


  • Various uniforms for LSSD, BCSO LSPD, SAHP, SASP, Security, FIB and NOOSE and more
  • Duty belts and holsters and various police extra gear
  • Services helmets and hats


3) Most of the files replaces other clothing like overcoats, golden T-shirts, Fur coats, unused meshes or textures, meshes from updates like valentines dlc or independence dlc.

4) This mod is compatible with ''Cop holster'' by PieRGud (Make sure you have to install the last version Cop Holster or make the edits in your ini)






5) This pack is made for single player use only, even though it suggests multiplayer.

- Long sleeves + tie for LSPD ✔
- Coats for LSPD ✔
- FIB and undercover stuff ✔
- Tactical gear ✔
- Add more military gear 
- Version for females 
- Add compatibility for incoming mods
- More improvements

Follow this album to be aware of the future development


Need help? Is something went wrong? Not sure how to proceed?
Don't ask for help in the comments, I won't reply

- @Netman005 for his models (Sheriff campaign hats, male long sleeves fixes, SAHP badge for short sleeves and bigger LSPD badges)
- BCSO Badges and patches DEV files by @AlexVonShep
- Improved LSPD badges @Stan85

- USCG uniform textures @PNWParksFan

- EUP install method @dilapidated


Beta Testers












Thanks to these people for contributing in making EUP Project an innovative mod for the LSPDFR Community and for showcasing the mod in media content or testing out the mod, so we can detect and fix bugs before an official release.



In order to get bet experience of this mod I strongly suggest that you install these mods:


What's New in Version 7.5


News and Updates

Newest update (7.5) have a different installation, remove all previous version of EUP manually or with the auto-uninstaller before upgrading


  • Uniforms
    - Modified all belts to have more details (Males & Females)
    - Added badges on Jacket for LSPD,LSSD, BCSO and SASP (Males & Females)
    - Added Short sleeves for LSPD Motorcycle traffic uniform
    - Improved the male windbreaker (LSPD, FIB, DOA, PIA, SAHP, Sheriff)
    - Added the female LSPD K-9
    - Added a new jacket variant for males and females
    - Added Warm shirt with turtle neck
    - Made polos improvements
    - Added new Tactical helmets
    - Added a K-9 unit form the SAHP commercial Division (Males & Females)
    - Changed all BCSO uniforms to fit the new BCSO form RDE based on Ventura County Sheriff's Office
    - Added Juggernaut suits with NOOSE textures
    - Added a new agency Los Santos International Airport Police (Males & Females)
    - Added a new agency Port Authority (Males & Females)
    - Added Border Patrol uniform to females
    - Added new SWAT uniforms (males & Females)
    - Added three new polos for SAHP, PIA, FIB (males & Females)
    - Added SAHP Leather Jacket (males & Females)
    - Added Port Police Auhtority uniforms for Boat Enforcement and Bike
    - re-added NOOSE security enforcement police
    - Improved pilot uniforms
    - Improvements for Winter apparel
    - Added new jacket type
    - Body armor additions
    - K9 uniforms for LSSD and BCSO
    - Added a DOA SRT Team gear
    - Added Military police uniforms
    - Added PIA Fields Operations Uniform


  • Gear & Equipement
    - Added lightbelts with and without IDs
    - Added 10 new necklace badges
    - Added an ID necklace
    - Added 9 Belt Badges
    - Added a adpated holster for plain clothes
    - Added various gear such as radios, earpieces
    - Added various Civ clothes
    - Added new armor vest with holster (male only)
    - Edited light belts
    - Added body armor for plain clothes (full and undercoat version)
    - Added a chest mic
    - Added more IDs and badges variations

EUP Team
- Alex_Ashfold Author, texture artist and 3D Modeling
- Yard1 3D Modeling and consulting
- PieRGuD & Alex Braun EUP Menu
- Alex Von Shep Control Quality ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- Netman for his 3D Models contribution in EUp 7.4
- Stan85 for LSPD Badges enhancements

User Feedback

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A must have in your game!

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I loved it, just did't liked the SHERIFF weird hats, the previous were better...

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Great mod Alex, it worked brilliantly for me when I had it installed last, Keep up the good work, by the way I've dropped a suggestion in the comments, if you want to find it it was posted about 00:40 GMT on 19/7/16

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This is an awesome modification. Thanks to the whole EUP team I couldn't go on patrol without it.

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A must for any aspiring LSPD officer.

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 @Alex_Ashfold  from where you got the border protection skin?


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Use it nonstop, don't give up on this mod! its fantastic looking forward to more additions!

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For old version 7.2 ·


Hey man. I love this mod but... Could you make LSSD and BCSD skin with short sleeves without vest? Like this: (every skin has a long sleev style exact LSSD & BCSD skin)I52XKwf.jpg

Response from the author:

Current tools doesn't allow us to change the badge shape from a shield to a star.

You can always remove the vest in the accessories menu.

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For old version 7.2 ·


@Alex_Ashfold can you learn me how you make skin of your mp skins.

or can you make danish skins



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For old version 7.2 ·


Best Uniform Pack yet! I would like an automatic installer, but thats not important

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For old version 7.1b hotfix ·


Let's be honest, everyone would grow tired of vanilla cops appearance after hours of duty and everyone would love to change their appearance. Then here comes "Emergency Uniforms Pack" to help us. A beautiful and simple mod that will allow us to change appearance and edit our beloved officer as we see fit. Installation and usage are simple and the benefits are amazing! Thank you for your work :)

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For old version 7.1b hotfix ·


Fantastic mod, a highly recommended download for LSPD:FR. While it certainly takes some time to install and set up everything (in my case: setting up the mods folder, then installing EUP and Skin Control, and finally saving the MP character via the Director Mode with Skin Control), it also certainly worth the effort. Policing with my own brand of justice is just much more fun with your own MP character dressed up via EUP.

Thanks for all the hard work, and keep up the great job! :thumbsup:

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For old version 7.1 ·


You've truly outdone yourself, sir. Great job! R* should hire you for GTA VI!

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· Edited by AllenKennedy

For old version 7.1 ·


I adore this mod. I simply cannot play LSPDFR without it, it's a must have. The choice of outfits with the new menu is utterly fantastic, and if that isn't enough, you can customize those smaller things with the accessories menu. Love it, Love it, Love it.

EDIT: With the upcoming addition of proper cop holster support, you cannot begin to imagine how happy this makes me. I am, the happiest panda.

To anyone on the fence about downloading this. Shut up and do it, you won't regret it.

Response from the author:

Appreciate the review, glad you're willing to commit fraud for this mod as for the empty holster it will most likely never happen. Not that i don't want to. It's just impossible.

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· Edited by JasonRoy

For old version 7.1 ·


Best mod ever!!!

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For old version 7.0b ·


It's just amazing!:thumbsup:. Is there a possibility to have a overknee holster?

Response from the author:

I tried...RIP


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For old version 7.0b ·


One of the best mods ever made, mandatory if you want to use your MP character in SP. Amazing work!

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For old version 7.0b ·


One of the greatest mods ever made, makes my character come to life when playing.

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For old version 7.0b ·


Finally got around to installing this, and now I wish I would've done it sooner. Can't wait to see how the EUP menu plugin evolves.

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