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Callouts+ 0.7.3

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Callouts+ (or CalloutsPlus) is an API script which does as the name suggests, adds more callouts to lcpdfr. You read that correctly, another lcpdfr callouts script, but you also read that it will be using the API! The mod itself will contain a few variants of different well known LCPDFR callout features, such as stolen vehicles and pursuits, things which may not add a huge amount to the game but add some more variation and thus better roleplay.

I also intend to add some new callouts and progress the mod into as much as it can be (given my level of programming skill of course).

Current Features

Street Races

Simple pursuits with multiple evading vehicles, you need to assist your fellow officers in taking down both suspect vehicles, do you think you can get them both? Or will one escape?

Stolen Police Car

Some punk thought it was a good idea to joyride in a police car. Little did he know, LCPD's finest don't take too kindly to his actions. Catch him and show him who enforces the law.


Civilians report a severely injured pedestrian, likely already dead, secure the crime scene and ensure nobody interferes.

Manhunt/Wanted Person on Foot

A wanted person is evading police on foot, get to the crime scene and help find the suspect.


A broken down vehicle is blocking the road, get to the scene and help the pedestrian get on his way again.

Road Traffic Collision (RTC)

The all new RTC's are bigger and better than have ever been done. Dynamic crashes can take place on any road, anywhere! Race to the crime scene, secure the area, clean up and get traffic moving again.

Officer Down

Man down! A fellow Officer has been critically injured in the line of duty. Check the officer's condition, get the details, and go find that suspect vehicle. It wont be easy...

Tracker Theft

Rich people are rich, and like to ensure their cars stay theirs. But, thieves like expensive cars more than old bangers. that's why they have trackers in them, a vehicle with a tracker is stolen...find it.

Location Events

A ped with a gun is trying to hold up a store, or someone took far too many drugs and is on a rampage with a knife, respond to the store or interior location!

New Abilities!

Repair your vehicle's engine damage by pressing E at the front of the vehicle

Try to revive a pedestrian by pressing LeftShift + Z

Request a less lethal ambulance to deal with injuries by pressing LControl + M

Request a removal team to take a car to the impound lot by pressing LeftShift + X

Request a Tow truck to remove vehicles with LeftShift+I

Place a useful barrier with LeftShift+U

Perform a vehicle check with LeftControl+Y

Both the ambulance and the removal team can be cancelled/disregarded as of 0.4.3a by using the same keybind you have set. However once they arrive they cannot be cancelled and will go about their intended duty.


Some police stations around Liberty City are now equipped to deal with vehicle damage. Now you can repair your vehicle fully at a police station!

You'll find the police garages are faster than the pay and spray guys too, and it lacks the "pay" element.

More to come...


If you find any bugs please report them to the WIP thread, ?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>

The same goes for suggesting new ideas, as I have a pre made list of current suggestions already there.

If you don't read the readme file and your game breaks, don't expect me to offer as much help, the readme is there for a reason, read it. :)

Compatibility List:

The script is designed using the LCPDFR API, so is needs LCPDFR to run.

The plugin should be compatible with other API callouts, and it should be compatible with other script mods. However I cannot guarantee this.

Again, for more details about suggestions, errors and upcoming features, ?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>

Callouts+ 0.7 was built using the API from LCPDFR 1.0d_2, using an outdated version will likely cause problems.

Known Bugs and Issues

See WIP Thread for known bugs

Thanks :)

What's New in Version 0.7.3


  • Increased delay so tow truck driver has longer to exit the vehicle and shut the door
  • Fixed issues with the removal team
  • Rewritten the barriers so they're less glitchy and much more efficient
  • Added text help to tracker theft so the vehicle make is now displayed on accepting the call.
API: LCPDFR Development Team
Callouts+: LukeD
Banner Used in Thread: Tom H

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