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[NON-ELS] 2011 CVPI Whelen Justice With Side Runners 1.0.0

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Please, before you criticize that there is a lack of lights, note that this is my first model, and I am still learning to model cars. If you would like, you can join my dev discord below where I sell non els vehicles and develop els vehicles.



2011 Forza Horizon 3 CVPI DEV- Thehurk (Special Thanks to you for making the vehicle look awsome!)

[DEV] Whelen Justice 1.0.0- GTAxB0SS (Awsome Lightbar, also has been converted from els to non els)

Sentina Pushbar 1.1.0- PoliceDev (Thanks for the awsome wraparound!)

Generic Side Runner Pack- Raptor2000 (Couldn't be the awsome model it is without this!)



Side runners look uneven at some times (All lights were converted from els so they may be a little buggy.)

You can glitch into parts of the car at certain times. (Yeah, don't worry about that. Just don't.)



Features: Custom light patterns, (Cause the default ones are shit)

High Quality Vehicle and templates included.

Whelen Justice, (cause that's cool)

Side Runners (cause that is even cooler)

Rear window cages.


Anyway, enjoy the model!



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First off, please do not take this the wrong way. Your car needs a lot of work. It seems from the pictures that the lights are outside of the light bar, have incorrect rotations, and I haven't downloaded the model yet, but I'm unsure if they'll even flash properly. Please take more time perfecting your models and learning the other aspects of non-ELS before releasing again. You should definitely not be selling non-ELS models with the quality shown in your post (also, putting models behind a paywall is very frowned upon in the community). Please fix all the bugs / rotations / issues and post an update.

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Second off, please just watch a video, work on a DECENT lightbar, look for more websites for BETTER LOOKING PUSHBARS, I don't wanna be a dick but the Forza Vic is ass, the lightbar has broken shit, same with the side runners. Theres really nice lightbars, and side runners on this website that can be used. I would definitely give YouTube a search I recommend Black Jesus, but most of my friends used SoCal Thero's video.

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Aye that crown vick goes should of mad it a slick top with a full round  push bar with mosse lights.


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