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[ELS] San Andreas State Transport Police Mini-Pack 1.0.0

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About This File


Well, I'm here with a second vehicle release. This time a whole three vehicles! (impressive right? /s) I've always liked the look of South Carolina State Transport Police and I thought they would make a great pack. I tried to make it as accurate as possible but there isn't a lot of information about their equipment and vehicles so I had to guess and make changes where I could. 

SCSTP's primary duty is commercial vehicle enforcement so the vehicles in the pack are set up for that to the best of my ability.

I hope you guys enjoy!

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2008 Crown Victoria

2013 Tahoe

2015 Tahoe


All the installation information is located in the ReadMe in the download.


Known Bugs:

There is no collisions on the ram-bars. Sorry, I still can't get that to work.



Do not redistribute

Do not rip or edit the vehicles at all (except textures)

If you make a texture pack please link back to the vehicle.




-Textures by Sinnisa
2013 Tahoe:
-2007 Tahoe by unknown (Can't Remember)
- Modifed into 2013 Tahoe by OfficerUnderwood
- Converted to GTA V by OfficerUnderwood
- Certain parts by Orex429/Shady
- Interior parts by Ubisoft, edited by OfficerUnderwood
- Dirtmapping texture by BxBugs123/Ranger Rick
- Wheels by Carper, tire textures by EVI, and converted to GTAV by Carper
- Edits by RobertTM
2015 Tahoe:
- Orignal suburban Scratch modeled by Shadydk311 
- Converted and edited to V by BritishGamer88
- Converted to Tahoe by Thehurk & Allaboutk9
- MAJOR edits by Thehurk 
- Convert to PPV By Thehurk
- Normals and wireframe fixed by Thehurk
- Textured by Thehurk
- Wheels purchased and given by Him1250
- Further editing by thegreathah, with many parts and textures from Iansonwheels
- Additional Parts by Carface (Including grille and headlight portion)
- Wheel texture by EVI
2008 CVPI:
- 2010 Ford CVPI by Turn 10 Studios, Converted to V by OfficerUnderwood
- Edited into 98-11 by OfficerUnderwood
- AM/FM/CD by OfficerUnderwood
- Chrome and Matte Black grille by Ubisoft
- 06-11 Hubs by Carper
- Liberty I by Iansonwheels
- Whelen Liberty II by DannyBoy1909, converted to IV by IronicRainbow. Minor edits by IronicRainbow.  
- Whelen Tir3 scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0
  -converted to gta 5 by Five0/OfficerFive0 
- Whelen 500 TIR6 Modeled by VooDoo, Textured by VooDoo. Textures by VooDoo. Converted to V by VooDoo
  -Credits to Whelen Engineering for their design
- Whelen Ion scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0
  -converted to gta 5 by Five0/OfficerFive0
Exterior Equipment:
- 2013 Tahoe Setina Pushbar by NickieB
- 2015 Tahoe Setina Rambar by Iansonwheels
- CVPI Manik Rambar scatch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0
  -converted to gta5 by Five0/OfficerFive0
- Antenna by Raptor2000
- Wilson Antenna by Gump
- Spotlight is from model provided by Cyrax on gamemodels.ru
  -Converted and edited by Black Jesus
Interior Equipment:
- Console by Twurtleee
- Whelen 295SLSA6 Siren & Light Controller scratch modeled, textured, and converted to GTA V by HDgamerzPC
- Harris M/A-Com M7100IP Radio scratch modeled, textured, and converted to GTA V by HDgamerzPC
- Decatur Genesis I scratch modeled, textured, and converted to GTA V by HDgamerzPC
- Decatur Dash Mounted Radar scratch modeled, textured, and converted to GTA V by HDgamerzPC
- WatchGuard 4RE HD Mini Zoom® Camera scratch modeled, textured, and converted to GTA V by HDgamerzPC
- CVE scale unit scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0
  -converted to gta 5 by Five0/OfficerFive0
- Panasonic Toughbook Modeled, Textured by Cap'n Crunch. Textures by Cap'n Crunch. Converted to V by VooDoo

Special thanks to Iansonwheels, TheGreatHah, and OfficerFive0 for trusting me to use some of their stuff.
Thanks to RobertTM, Slendis, and OfficerFive0 (again) for the help and answering my stupid questions.
Worthwhile mentions:
t0y for kind words and bad music.
FRgamer, ViSion, & MrDudeman for their gm's and stfu's.
Jedadiah for coming back from the dead. ❤️
and Sinnisa for those textures are amazing!
If I have missed anyone please message me and I will fix it immediately. 


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1 hour ago, J.J Designs said:

cant download ????????????? keeps saying file missing or broken

That must be an issue with the website and not the file itself. Try waiting a while and trying again, it should be fixed soon.

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