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LSPD Uniform Pack (Cranston, RI) 1.0.2

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About This File


    LSPD Uniform Pack by GrandTheftPD


- These are a collection of lore friendly LSPD ped skins based off my Cranston, RI uniform pack.


- As always be sure to back up any files you replace before replacing them!


  * There are uniforms for EUP, The LE Revamped ped by majorpaine2015, and the vanilla Female cop.
  * I will add compatibility with the vanilla male cop model soon.




- Install Instructions are included in each folder of the download.


 * I've included 12 preset outfits for EUP


 * EUP uniforms can be used with my EUP vest pack if you would like more options.
        - I will leave the link to the vest pack down below.


 * Included prop setup from Rekrams Enhanced LSPD Cop for use with the LE Revamped ped by majorpaine2015

        - (baseball cap/winter hat/bluetooth/glasses).




 - Thank you for downloading hope you enjoy them!


*Do Not Redistribute or Upload to any other sites.
*Please give proper credits and/or link to this original download
*I am not responsible for any damage to your game or pc. You are responsible for backing up your files!


 - Huge Thank You to Alex-Ashfold / EUP Team for the original EUP files!
 - Huge Thank You to majorpaine2015, Myer Flyer, ReKram, and TrpCharles for creating the models used!

 - Huge Thank You to 1adam181 for testing the pack for me!


 * Important EUP Taser Belt Notes *



*  Please DO NOT contact me / leave reviews or comments on my file about issues or requests regarding the belt. *

 - I have included my reskin of the EUP taser dutybelt from the sheriff deputy ped by TrpCharles.

  * Before you even ask me or leave a review / comment / request on my file *

    - No I cannot remove the gun.
    - You cannot remove the taser from the holster.
    - Yes I'm aware the skin is not perfect.

- All of these things are due to issues with THE MODEL itself.
- I cannot do anything about this because I DID NOT MAKE THE MODEL.
- I've simply done my best to skin this model (with no template) and I cannot do anything about the issues with it.
- If these issues are too much for you then simply use a different belt.

- I have provided a re-skin of a vanilla EUP belt as well for anyone who doesn't want the taser.

 - If you are like me you will be glad this model is even around and you will work with what we have until the new official EUP belts are released.
  * I will more than likely not respond to any questions/complaints/requests about the belt as I have made it very clear
  it is not my model and I can do nothing about any issues you have with it.

* Any other questions or problems please use the comments section or feel free to pm me and I will help you out! *




* Extra Compatible Vest Options Here:




* Ped Models Used can be found Here:



* LE Revamped Ped Model - majorpaine2015


* New Hair and Features for Cop - Myer Flyer



* Enhanced LSPD Cop (Ped Props) - ReKram



*  Sheriff Deputy (EUP Duty Belt) - TrpCharles



* Thanks for Downloading! *

What's New in Version 1.0.2



- Added new texture for EUP taser dutybelt.

         - Removed silver belt buckle.

         - Added black belt buckle and belt loop.

- Added screenshot of new belt texture.

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For current version ·


Amazing !  I just don't know what to say. I am Speechless ! . Wow man. Great Job ! The installation was just very simple and organized everything was just perfect and the uniforms were awesome! Keep it up ma dude !

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· Edited by OfficerWolf01

For current version ·


I....I just don't know what to say....I am just speechless....this is absolutely amazing!!! All the effort into this is just amazing. I absolutely love having this!!!! 


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For current version ·


Looks awesome, but how do I put into my game???

Response from the author:

The install instructions are in the download

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For old version 1.0.0 ·


Amazing! The styles are modern and very stylish. I love how realistic everything is, being someone from this area. The install is very very easy, especially for an EUP install. Overall amazing. I hope to see more amazing in the future!

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For old version 1.0.0 ·


WOW  😮 ... What a great uniform pack.


Keep up the good work, can't wait to try more stuff 🙂 

Response from the author:

Thank you 👍 Glad your enjoying them!

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For old version 1.0.0 ·



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