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Los Santos PD F150 1.0.0

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This is my first attempt at making a texture , I apologize ahead of time lol. 

It is medic4523 F150 with tOy's paint scheme basically. 

Medic4523 for the F150
tOy for the paint scheme

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is cutting and pasting really making your own skin? Im sry im not trying to be mean but ive used others skins and tweaked for my own use or for placing on a different template like you did but I keep it personal.. Id ask the orginal creator first{TOY} before posting something like this in the future..

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👍 If I screwed up delete me, I tried something new an obviously didn't meet someone's criteria  copying an already copyrighted Long Horn symbol by the city of Fort Worth . 

My bad.

Edited by WallE911

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