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Interaction+ | Lite Computer System | Field Sobriety Test | Field Test Kits 2.1.0b

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  • Game is crashing when you approach a car on a traffic stop
    • More than likely you do not have SearchWarrant installed correctly, or you have an error in your general.xml for SearchWarrant (keep in mind SearchWarrant is not required for this plugin, you may also use PoliceSearch or neither of them).
    • If this did not work, then the second most likely cause is an error in general.xml for SearchWarrant
      • Go to GTAV\Plugins\LSPDFR\SearchWarrant and right-click "general.xml" and then click "Edit"
      • Hit Ctrl + F and enter "&" into the search field, then click find
      • If you find a "&", then simply replace it with the word "and"
      • Save the file, and the issue should now be fixed


Keep in mind 2.1.0b is a beta release and may contain bugs I am not aware of. If you find any bugs, please report them to me in the comments section with the relevant information


Known Bugs:

  • Sometimes arrested peds will leave the backseat of your vehicle and try to drive away. No known fix but to grab them and put them back in the vehicle. Probably a plugin interaction.
    • Possibly fixed in 2.1.0b


Be sure to change the .ini file to your liking




Thank you to Yo Adrian and FirstThirtyMinutes for making these videos!




This wall of text and pictures do not do this plugin justice; I definitely recommend giving it a try!




  • Traffic Policer
  • (Optional) Darkmyre's Search Warrant or Stop The Ped




  • Ped Observation
    • Get observations for any ped
      • Automatic traffic stop observations for all occupants
      • Gets status of ped including mood, behavior, and signs of intoxication
  • [NEW] Lite Menu Based Computer System
    • Run record checks, issue citations, summons, and create arrest reports with the new computer system
    • Fully integrated with the rest of this plugin
    • Customizable XML files for charges and citations
      • IMPORTANT! Do not edit/add any new main root entries (eg direct descendants of the "Main" root). They will not be recognized by my plugin
        • You can only add/edit entries under these roots with the "Charge" name
  • Traffic Stop Questions
    • [NEW] Traffic stop questioning menu, replaces default LSPDFR+ one
      • To use, approach a car on a traffic stop and press the interaction key (default "Y") to open the menu
      • You can:
        • Ask the driver for their license and proof of insurance
          • If the driver has no license, a suspended license, or warrants, there is a chance they will refuse to identify themselves to you, which is arrestable.
        • Ask for passenger's identification
        • Tell the driver the reason for pulling them over (27 default reasons so far, just comment any more ideas you have and I will try to add them)
        • Ask general questions:
          • "Where are you headed?"
          • "Where are you coming from?"
          • "Is the address on your license current?"
          • "Do you own this vehicle?"
          • "How do you know the passenger(s)?"
        • Ask questions related to crime:
          • "Have you been drinking recently?"
          • "Have you you used any drugs recently?
          • "Is there anything illegal in the car?"
          • "Can I search your vehicle?"
        • Most question's answers will depend on the ped's mood/intoxication level
        • 210+ lines of mostly unique dialog
        • Any more ideas for questioning should be added in the comments!
    • [NEW] Issue warnings, citations, and summons with the new computer system
    • [NEW] Can now order occupants out of the vehicle
  • Field Sobriety Tests
  • Evidence
    • Store any evidence you find in any police vehicle
    • View stored evidence
    • Drop off stored evidence at any police station, marked by a "stash" icon on the map (pot leaf blip next to police stations)
  • Field Narcotics Test Kits
    • Narcotics stored in your evidence can be tested using reagent test kits in your trunk
      • Positive tests are automatically stored in evidence
      • Automatically recognizes when you store drugs in evidence and makes them available for testing
        • Drugs are not always what they seem, e.g. sometimes what you think is meth will turn out to be PCP or cocaine
      • If you use one of the custom XML files, these phrases are currently recognized by evidence storage as able to be tested:
        • "white powder"
        • "tan" or "brown powder"
        • "blotter paper"
        • "crystal" or "crystals"
        • "unmarked pills"
    • 5 different tests, based on real life counterparts (all information based on products from: http://www.sirchie.com/forensics/narcotics-investigation/pouches.html)
      • Marquis Reagent (meth, heroin, morphine, MDMA)
      • Scott Reagent (cocaine/crack)
      • Fentanyl Reagent (Fentanyl)
      • Phencyclidine Reagent (PCP)
      • Ehrlich's Reagent (LSD)
    • Custom narcotics.xml for DarkMyre's Search Warrant and PoliceSearch adds more options for unidentified drugs such as: "white powder", "suspicious crystals", etc
  • Automatic Pursuit Updates
    • When in a pursuit, will automatically give information on the speed and direction that the suspect vehicle is heading.
    • Also gives details on traffic condition such as light, medium, or heavy (togglable)


  1. Copy the "Plugins" folder to your main GTA V directory.
  2. Pick an XML to use depending on what search plugin you have for added realism! (not required)
  3. Enjoy!


Don't know what else to put here, just let me know if you find any bugs or if anything is unclear and I will try to fix it. Been a long road of development, thank you to everyone who has helped me on the way!

What's New in Version 2.1.0b


2.1.0b (LSPDFR 0.4)

  • Updated plugin to LSPDFR 0.4
  • Fixed bug where accented characters cant be used in XML files; please update to new Charges & Citations XML file
    • To update any old, edited XML files you were using simply replace the first line with this line and the issue will be solved:
    • Quote

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

  • Fixed a bug where evidence could be stored at police station while in a vehicle
  • Fixed STP and Interaction+ interaction mostly; peds will no longer be dismissed by my plugin if stopped by STP
    • Not sure if arrested ped leaving car bug has been fixed or not, please let me know!
  • Fixed a bug where traffic stop questioning menu would stay open after ordering driver out
  • Removed support for PoliceSearch and added support for STP's search files; also added optional custom XML files for STP
    • This feature no longer depends on the plugins themselves, but only their XML files. Should be stabler and lessen SearchWarrant crash reports hopefully
  • Made AutomaticPursuitUpdates off by default as it doesn't play as well imo with 0.4; can be turned on in menu or have it automatically on by default in .ini file
  • Increased stability of both dismissing peds and deleting computer entries; should lower crashes
  • Ped observations are now more accurate and depend on circumstances more


2.0.1b (LSPDFR 0.3)

  • Fixed small bug where .ini file changes to keys were not being registered. Should work now


2.0.0b (beta release) (LSPDFR 0.3)

  • [NEW] Lite, menu based computer system! Fully integrated with the rest of the plugin
    • Create arrest reports, citations, perform record checks
    • Can be disabled in .ini if you wish to use Computer+
    • Customizable XML files for citations and charges
  • Removed ScriptHookVDotNet2 dependency
  • Reorganized traffic stop menu
    • Can now issue warnings, citations/summons, and ask occupants out of the vehicle
  • 3 new pullover reasons:
    • Improper overtaking, illegal u-turn, and failure to stop for emergency lights/sirens
  • Various other bug fixes/improvements that I can't remember that have been made over the past couple months
  • Keep in mind that this is a beta release; there may be bugs present in this version that I am not aware of. If you find a bug, please report it to me in the comments section with all the relative info
All the creators of the plugins who's APIs I have used
All of my wonderful beta testers!

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