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Sergeant 0.7

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About This File

Sergeant offers functionalities that give the player more 'middle management' command over the world (hence its name).

- Command Vehicles (See video HERE!!!) : Give commands to individual vehicles, including "Stop", "Go and Stop" and "Go and Drive".

- Secure Scene (See video HERE!!!) : Don't you hate being left all by yourself to deal with crime scenes? Not anymore. When you give the order to "Secure Scene," all traffic in the surrounding area will immediately stop. Any cop in the vicinity will either tend to the bodies, guard suspects, or roam the area doing stuff. If there are no cops around, or not enough, you can always call for backup as you normally would, and any cop arriving at the scene will get an assignment (unless there are already enough cops assigned - you won't have 100 cops around just for 1 suspect). Once you have set up your cones and barriers (like with Traffic Policer), you can order all traffic to move again while the "scene" is still in place.

All features are fully configurable from the included INI file.


NOTE: if you press "C" and nothing happens it means that your requirements are not properly installed

- RAGEPluginHook 0.51 or higher

- Script Hook V (https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/script-hook-v)
- Community Script Hook V .NET (https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/scripthookv-net)
- Community Contextual Menu API v0.9 or above (https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/community-contextual-menu-api)

Unzip to your MAIN GTA V FOLDER, maintaining the folder structure in the ZIP file.

Read the included PDF.

Planned Features
- Recruit and give orders to cops.

- Give orders to pedestrians.

Known issues
- When corpses are close to vehicles, cops occasionally try to get under the vehicles, causing them to fly in the air.

Mod compatibility
- This mod may conflict with certain aspects of other mods. Nothing too serious that I know of (e.g., vehicles actively handled by other mods that are ordered to stop by this mod may not keep driving when ordered to do so later, or cops may refuse to secure a scene if they are doing stuff requested by other mods).

What's New in Version 0.7


- FEATURE: Cops will now get scene assignments even if they are in a vehicle (they'll stop and get out)
- FEATURE: When securing a scene, roaming cops will be reassigned to any new corpse/arrestee that is detected
- FIX: Cops now respond to hostilities while securing a scene if attacker is inside the scene radius
- FIX: Cops now correctly face corpses
- FIX: (hopefully) When on/under bridges/trees/slopes, cops securing a scene no longer go to the wrong "height" or start continuously falling or getting swollen by the ground.

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

On 6/20/2018 at 11:09 PM, rw18 said:

This is on purpose. Notice that the only key that is different is the one that opens the menu. In this way, you can use the same keys to scroll in Sergeant and PoliceSmartRadio by opening one or the other - no need to remember new keys. As long as you don't open both at the same time, of course. If you really don't like it, you can always change the keys, as @SpickitySpock said.


The whole idea is to be able to give specific commands to specific vehicles, not just the one that happens to be close to you. That will change if I ever see a cop directing traffic by shouting "whoever is closest to me, pull over! No, not you. Wait, I'll move closer to your car so I can tell you to pull over!"


This is a weird one, I may have dropped the ball somewhere. Did you happen to disable features in the INI file?

Yes but it's same, crash at startup.

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On ‎7‎/‎30‎/‎2018 at 11:17 AM, BEModsV said:

Well I have the same issue when my fps is low. Maybe that's the reason

I upgraded RAM to 12 gigs, it kinda works, I still need to upgrade my CPU to an i7 or a good i5.



Anyway, I get crashes at startups, I have tried everything, I don't know what to do




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I have the same problem quotes """"All commands don't work. Seems like it only works for a second, then the AI go back to their path before I interrupted. Go and Stop, and Go and Continue make the cars move an inch, but that is all, after that they do not follow my directions and move on. Stop only stops them for a few seconds. At a red light if I tell them to either Go and Stop and Go and Continue they will inch forward, if I continue doing so they will run the red light but not go where I told them to, they will go their own path, same for Stop. Now it says stop may not work due to a mod issue but I'm having issues with all commands, also, I downloaded everything Jeff on YouTube did and even didn't install all of his mods and his Sergeant works fine, so it can't be a mod issue or conflict. Mods """" What mods conflict with this? I am more then willing to sacrifice some mods for this one to work very very nice.. 

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Could you please add an installer for this? I've triple checked my installation everything is in place even when I load LSPDFR it says sergeant commands were added but it doesn't do anything.



Edited by Diamond120

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Hello, I have reason to think your mod has caused a LSPDFR Crash while in use. 

I had two dead bodies at a scene and started the secure scene portion of the mod, I then called 3 backup vehicles to assist with the scene. I get in my cop car to turn off sirens and close off the street the second I enter the cop car and go throttle LSPDFR Crashes. 


A crash has happened earlier in the same session unrelated to your mod, please locate the second crash. 

(Previous was an Assorted Callouts crash) 

Log attached! 


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Great mod, but it seems that when I get the secure zone the game crashes, I don't now why, I'm trying to fix it but I can't find the reason. There was an AI chase running in my secure zone with traffic blocked, maybe that caused the crash. I hope to find a solution and I would appreciate if someone can help me because I really like sergeant mod. Thank you 


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I've installed this mod recently and I'm trying to use it but I only have like one option to choose from. If I hold C it does bring up the API menu but I can't see my mouse. Its rather difficult and I don't have all of the options that are demonstrated in the tutorials. Perhaps you have some suggestions as to why its acting like this? Any known conflicts with other mods maybe. Any help would be appreciated though, thank you! 🙂 

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