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Proper Ped Age (Fixed unrealistic ped age)

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I created "Proper Ped Age" plugin to fix the annoying ped's age issue on LSPDFR. Sometimes their ages are unrealistic and mismatched with how they look like
For example, I often stopped a grandma-look character, but when I asked for her ID, her age is only 25... or a hot chick with the age of 65.


This plugin is very small and light weight, thus almost NO LAG and NO FPS DROP when using it


!!ATTENTION!!   If you're already using "Stop The Ped" v4.1.0.0 or later, you don't need this plugin anymore, because STP has already had similar built-in functionality. Have fun!



  1. Rage Plugin Hook v0.57 alpha
  2. LSPD First Response v0.31 by G17



  • Check and fix the ped 's age on the fly
  • The age is referred from the ped model name itself with a little bit tweaking
  • The correct age and birth date will be shown when you ask for ID on traffic stop or normal stop, using vanilla LSPDFR or "Stop The Ped" plugin
  • It will also reflect the correct age and birth date on Computer+ plugin



  • Copy the contents of "Plugins\LSPDFR" in this package to: "GTA V directory\plugins\LSPDFR"
  • It will be started automatically when you're on duty


Please feel free to contact me through LSPDFR forum or download's comment section for any issue you encountered with this plugin.
Happy patrolling! Enjoy! 


  • @Albo1125 for all your plugins which make LSPDFR very joyful!

What's New in Version


Version v1.0.0.0

  • Initial release

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w0w good job man!Very important mod for me at least!When i will install it i will give the appropriate love in my review!Thnx In Advance!

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Never realized this because I never really paid attention to that detail when I ran a ped check. Only paid attention to License status, if the perp had any warrants, and the Id was valid. Cool fix and find installing it now ! I noticed I pulled over a 60 year old looking man and his id said he was 45! I aint that old looking sure as hell dont have that many grays on my head! 

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21 minutes ago, DXVX said:


So in Stop The Ped is says it could fix the ped age, does that mean I don’t need the mod?


Yes. If you're using Stop The Ped, it already has the Proper Ped Age functionality. You don't need it anymore.

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