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OJScenarios - Scenario-based Calls, Search Warrant, DUI Checkpoint 1.1.0

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This callout pack are based upon certain calls/scenarios that do not occur often. They bring another level of immersion, having Youtubers in mind to display some unique content for their viewers. 


First Scenario: DUI Checkpoint in Strawberry.



Note: You need to use Callout Manager to activate these calls. You will not get them randomly while on patrol. You may receive an error (red subtitles) when trying to activate a call. This means you are within the spawn radius of the call and you need to drive away and activate again.


Make sure to put OJScenarios.dll and OJScenarios.ini into \Plugins\LSPDFR folder.

Take a look at the INI at least once to make sure you are satisfied with the settings. 


If you have a scenario and/or location suggestion, post a comment down below.


Join the LSPDFR Fans Discord: https://discord.gg/hxmvtHE

What's New in Version 1.1.0


- Implemented internal AI traffic control for checkpoint
- Added ability to move cones
- Created more cops on standby if a pursuit is engaged
- Added new Search Warrant call (in Sandy Shores)

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On 1/22/2018 at 8:44 PM, Number1Gojifan said:

Where did you get the livery for the Crown Vics?

And did you find out where the vehicles came from..

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