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NYPD EUP Uniforms Pack 1.1

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About This File



To use this modification, you must install EUP:




orley's NYPD EUP Uniforms Pack is a modification that replaces certain textures for EUP to transform the LSPD's west coast uniforms to that of the

New York City Police Department. Featuring replacements for everything from shirts to badges, this mod allows you to play as anyone from the lowly Patrolman/woman to the rookie in plainclothes to the precinct's distinguished Captain.


For those looking for a quick, plug 'n' play solution, the pack includes premade outfits for every officer/role you'd want to play.




Not just the rookies! Detectives with realistic badges are also included!




Female players/dudes who are into that sorta thing do not fear! This pack also includes female uniforms.




Play as a more distinguished cop, with Sergeant and Captain uniforms.




Sometimes, real life isn't enough. That's why I've included accurate outfits from everyone's favourite New York detectives, the Nine-Nine. Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans can select outfits based on every main character (and officer Deetmore) from the hit show.





- Retro Uniforms (1970s-1990s) Added in Update 1.1!

- Vests                                                

- ESU                                                  

- Auxiliary Police  Added in Update 1.1!                         


Got ideas you'd like to see in a future version of this pack? Don't be silent, tell me about it on the official forum thread! 



Sarge and the Cap.png

What's New in Version 1.1









  •  Added 1970s NYPD Short Sleeve Uniform (Male)
  • Added 1970s NYPD Long Sleeve Uniform (Male)
  • Added 1970s NYPD Short Sleeve Uniform With Leather Jacket (Male)
  • Added NYPD Auxiliary Short Sleeve Uniform (Male)
  • Added NYPD Auxiliary Long Sleeve Uniform (Male)
  • Added NYPD Duty-Issue Cargo Pants (Male and Female)
  • Added Duty Belt (Male)
  • Added Retro & Auxiliary Duty Belt (Male)
  • Added Duty Holster (Male)


Holster is a modified version of the default holster made to look more realistic.
The Duty Belt is also modified to have a more realistic amount and arrangement of items.
The Retro & Auxiliary Duty Belt has a long baton and no mag or pepper spray pouches.
Update is male only, sorry. Just don't have the time to make female uniforms right now.

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Officer Colefield

For current version ·

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Finally! LOVE IT

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For current version ·

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First off, thank you for making this! I've been waiting for an EUP NYPD pack for awhile now. This also seems to be the only pack out there currently including an NYPD captain model. I enjoy using this pack, but there are a few things keeping me from giving you a 5 star. First off, like other have said, the installation process is really time consuming. If you could maybe make the files into ytd's or oiv's, I would most definitely 5 star. I also would love to see a few minor things added in, like an NYPD hat and captain bars on the collar of the captain model. Other than that, this pack is great and if you change those things I'll most definitely 5 star! 


P.S. -- As a fan of Brooklyn 99 I'm loving the customized characters! 

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· Edited by LATERUIK

For current version ·

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I clearly see you made the best of it without remodelling and I would've. given you five stars if the installation files were in .ytd form to make it less time-consuming to install this huge pack or even better in one .oiv file. Because now, I have to rename every single image to the right name and insert them into the .ytd's and save them. I did not finish because it was taking way to much of my time. Drag and drop would be really helpful

If you work on this in a future update you'll get anoter 5-star review


EDIT: I'm watching Brooklyn nine-nine and I also love it. I'd love to play as Peralta or even Holt

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· Edited by Pavy

For current version ·

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The Pack is wonderful. Been waiting for an NYPD EUP for a long time since changing model/clothes is annoying and tedious.

This pack is a pain in the ass to install, it took 20-30 minutes and some of the install instructions are incorrect. 

Also if there are any future patches for clothing and the installation method isn't oiv then nobody will install it because its just too dam annoying.


Suggestion: Add NYPD Hats, rather than the default EUP hat.

Add NY State trooper clothing.

Add NYPD Boots/pants (If possible, idk how eup scripting works)

Add Better Plainclothes options. What plainclothes officers wears suit paints and oxfords?

Response from the author:

Thank you for your honesty and suggestions, these will be implemented in future updates.

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For current version ·

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Just from the screenshots I can see that the nametag is in the wrong place. The NYPD nametag goes UNDER the shield (the badge) I don't know how this is NYPD if you got that wrong.

Response from the author:

The placement of the nametag is due to the model itself which is made by EUP's devs and thus not under my control.

Future versions of this pack will include edited models for the shirts and hats so that Shields and hat-shields are properly implemented.\


Thank you for your review!

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For current version ·

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solely rated 3 star due to no ytd or oiv file please update to a oiv file

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For current version ·


how install this uniforms some files no .ytd or .ydd...help

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