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Traffic Stop Backup (Normal Stop, Felony Stop, K9 Backup)

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About This File

I made this plugin to improve the user experience when performing a traffic stop.
You are now able to request a traffic stop backup in the form of a police unit to support you during the 'high risk' traffic stop.
Your police mate will take a position on the right side of the stopped car (passenger side) and ready to back you up. 

If you perform a very dangerous traffic stop, you can also request a felony stop backups (up to 5 backup units).

As an addition to your patrolling immersion, there's also a K9 backup unit to help you inspect the suspect vehicle.




  1. Rage Plugin Hook v0.57 alpha
  2. LSPD First Response v0.31 by G17
  3. Police SmartRadio v1.1.1.1 by Albo1125 (required to request the traffic stop backup using police radio)
  4. LSPDFR+ v1.6.5.1 by Albo1125
  5. Traffic Policer v6.13.7.0 by Albo1125
  6. Stop The Ped v1.8.1.0 by BejoIjo




  • Copy the contents of "Plugins\LSPDFR" in this package to: "GTA V directory\plugins\LSPDFR"
  • Please open and edit "TrafficStopBackup.ini" file, if you want to replace the keyboard key or controller button bindings

NOTE: If you're upgrading from previous version, please copy and overwrite all files.




To request traffic stop backup:

  • Perform a traffic stop and position you car behind the stopped car
  • Make sure you have enough space on your back to allow the police backup car to stop.
  • While inside your car, make a request by pressing the "request key". Default is "NumPad3" and you may customize it in the .ini file
  • Wait a few seconds and your police backup will be coming and park the car right behind yours
  • Allow the police backup to walk and take position
  • You may approach the stopped car's driver, after your police backup says that he's ready
  • When everything's fine, police buddy will be waiting for you until you dismiss him (do it by standing in front of him face-to-face) or until you're leaving the scene


There are 3 ways to request the traffic stop backup:

  • Keyboard (default: NumPad3)
  • Controller (default: LeftShoulder+DPadRight)
  • Police SmartRadio


You may abort Traffic Stop Backup at any time by pressing "End" while inside the police vehicle.




To activate Felony Mode, press request key two times consecutively. As an alternatively, you can also use police radio.
The backup unit will park the car next to yours and then aim the weapon at the suspect.


You can ask the suspect to step out of the car and put hands up by just aiming at him/her.

If you want your backup unit to apprehend the suspect, please keep aiming at the suspect until he/she kneeling down.




K9 Backup unit is an additional unit which can be called when you need assistance to inspect the vehicle using K9 (dog).
You may call K9 backup directly as a single backup or you can also have it after you get a normal backup called first
Call the K9 Backup unit using Police SmartRadio while you're inside your car.


When the K9 officer tells you that he/she is ready, move your character in front of him/her face-to-face to make him/her start the vehicle inspection using K9.

The K9 can also detect threat from the suspects. If so, it will attack the ped.

The inspection will take a while. Once it's done, the K9 officer will tell you the result.

Please make sure to have a car width space on the suspect vehicle right side to allow those units to move.
If there's not enough space, then all the unit's movement and position might not be as expected.


You may also force the plugin to use a particular police vehicle model for the K9 unit on the .ini configuration file.




When your police buddy taking position during the traffic stop, he/she will observe the stopped vehicle, including the driver and passengers.  If your buddy found something, he/she will report it to you (notification). Based on that report, you may conduct further investigation by performing a search on the reported subject.


You may need a third party search plugin to do that. Supported search plugins are:


By using either of those search plugin, you might find interesting and illegal items on the reported subject. You may also create arrest report based on what you found using Computer+.

Basically, this feature will give you significant addition to your LSPDFR gameplay. Enjoy!




You can make the police buddy to transport arrested ped to jail by using PT (Prisoner Transport) provided by Arrest Manager. Make sure the police buddy and his vehicle are nearby (< 25 meters or so) and you have to set this parameter in the "Arrest Manager.ini" file.





  • Please make sure to provide enough space on your back and right side to allow your police mate to back you up
  • You cannot request multiple traffic stop backups at the same time. Only one allowed per session
  • Please align your vehicle with the road heading, since the backup car heading will follow your heading
  • When using "MatchBackupVehicle", the cop ped model of the backup unit car will always follow the definition in vehicles.meta. Make sure it has the correct cop model name (e.g. "s_m_y_cop_01", "s_m_y_sheriff_01")
  • This plugin supports "Custom Backup" plugin by @PNWParksFan.  When "Custom Backup" plugin is active, It will automatically override the default LSPDFR backup.xml and set the backup unit vehicle and ped model based on the LocalPatrol entry in the CustomBackup.xml file


Please feel free to contact me through LSPDFR forum or download's comment section for any issue you encountered with this plugin.
Happy patroling! Enjoy! 



  • @Albo1125 for all your plugins which make LSPDFR very joyful!




  • Please don't make a review/comment and blame this plugin which caused the crash/freeze if you don't have valid proof or argument.
  • In GTAV/LSPDFR, there are hundreds of possible causes which can make your game to crash or freeze.
  • When your game crashes or freeze, please report it into the comment section with "ragepluginhook.log" file and "detail description" on how it happened (step by step to reproduce the crash).
  • I'll take a look into it and if it was caused by this plugin, I will be happy to fix it.

What's New in Version


v1.7.4.0 (latest)

  • Added support for "Stop The Ped" integration for requesting nearby Police Buddy to watch the ped
  • New additional confirmation dialog when you want to dismiss the Police Buddy. Now you should press E key or DPadRight button to confirm dismissal after standing face-2-face with the Police Buddy. This new feature should prevent accidental dismissal.
  • Added error handling to clean up entities and blips when LSPDFR crashes



  • Fixed rare crash bug. When suspect flee and player is in pursuit, sometimes it causes LSPDFR crash (very rare)
  • Fixed bug sometimes Police Buddy leaves watch position without resetting the watch status, which caused the watch ped detection deadlock
  • Fixed minor bug. After vehicle inspection, K9 Officer runs to the standby position instead of walking
  • Tweaked the items found from police buddy vehicle observation


Version History:



  • Fixed PoliceSmartRadio button hide/display logic. Now the buttons (traffic backup, felony backup, & K9 backup) will appear only when available
  • Tweaked K9 unit movements & positions during vehicle inspection



  • Major codes refactoring and optimization to improve performance and make it easier to maintain
  • Much improved Police AI to fight and pursuit the threat from suspects or ambient peds
  • Added new feature. This plugin is now integrated with "Stop The Ped" plugin. When the buddy is on watching position of the target ped, you may ask them to perform STP menu functions (similar like "On Scene Backup")
  • Added new feature. You can call K9 Backup Unit without having normal backup present. You should use Police Smart Radio to do that
  • Added new feature. The K9 (dog) can also detect threat from the suspects. If so, it will attack the ped.
  • Added new feature. The backup car now will be able to adapt the parking position when you pull over the car on the left side of the road (e.g. on the highway)
  • Improved driving after dismissal to make the buddy driving more safely
  • Fixed bug. When nearby pursuit present, the buddy sometimes behaving weirdly (e.g. heading/walking back and forth)



  • Improved Police Buddy driving when dismissed (they are no longer banging into cars and peds)



  • Fixed rare crash after police buddy arrested the suspect in felony stop
  • Improved animation on felony stop now the suspect will put his/her hands up while walking backwards
  • The police buddy will be positioned in front of your car in normal stop while standing by
  • Add compatibility with Stop The Ped plugin. Every time you or your buddy arrest the suspect, Stop The Ped menu will be available on the arrested ped
  • Many small fixed and adjustments to improve gameplay



  • Fixed minor glitch when suspect on felony backup walking backward without stopping
  • Fixed minor glitch when dog from K9 unit appears from no where



  • Added new "K9 backup unit" which might help you to inspect the suspect vehicle. K9 Backup unit is an additional unit which can only be called when you already have a normal backup unit in place. Please refer to the documentation for more details.
  • Improved walking paths on police buddy when moving in to the backup position.



  • Added new "Observation Report" feature. Police buddy will observe stopped vehicle and provide the report to you. You may then search the reported subject using popular search plugins.
  • Fix bug. Stopped vehicle sometimes disappears when player chasing suspect on foot or when player moving far away from the vehicle
  • Fix bug. Sometimes the police buddy disappears after suspect get arrested


  • Added new feature to prevent buddy from calling prisoner transport after arresting the suspect (configurable in the .ini file).
    • This feature will give you chance to perform further investigation on the suspect (e.g. checking suspect's records or searching the suspect). If you turn off this feature, the suspect will be leaving the scene and transported immediately after getting arrested by police buddy
    • You may call for transport by yourself later
    • You need "Arrest Manager" plugin by @Albo1125 to use this feature



  • Fixed bug on police buddy standing like a statue when backing you up on passenger side door. Now he is standing with subtle movements.
  • Fixed very rare crash bug when calling prisoner transport during the traffic stop
  • Improved error handling to prevent any possible crashes



  • Fixed bug when sometimes the police buddy does not dismiss because you're standing too close in front of him/her
  • Fixed police buddy AI which sometimes does not support you in dangerous situation
  • Improved suspect walking backward stop point which will adapt with player position (felony mode) 
  • Improved button availability on PoliceSmartRadio. It will be displayed only when you're performing traffic stop 



  • Added support to "Custom Backup" plugin by PNWParksFan. When "Custom Backup" plugin is active, It will automatically override the default LSPDFR backup.xml
  • Fixed bug which caused Police buddy AI does not arrest the passengers (felony mode)
  • Fixed bug where traffic police backup is not available when we call for backup



  • Added gesture control during felony stop mode to make your backup unit arresting the suspect by keep aiming until he/she kneeling down
  • Added "kneel down and hands behind head" animation after suspect finished walking backward during felony stop mode
  • Improved police buddy AI to help player to apprehend suspect and the passengers
  • Improved police buddy AI to blend in for various cases and callouts
  • Added arrival and dismissal voice variations (e.g. how's it going, thanks)
  • Separated the modifier key for request key and abort key
  • Suppress dismissal voice when player dismiss the backup units by leaving them away
  • Fixed bugs which might lead to several rare crashes when calling backup during callouts



  • No more destructive police backup dismissal. You have full control over them now
  • No more "immediate leaving" when the scene has been cleared. Your police buddy will be standing by for you
  • Police buddy now will be waiting for you until you dismiss them. You may dismiss them by standing in front of him/her face2face or until you're leaving the scene
  • Now you can ask the suspect to step out of the car and put hands up by just aiming at him/her (during felony mode)
  • Added option on walking style of traffic backup officer whether normal or slow speed (configurable in .ini file)
  • Added separate configurable police buddy car sirens and sound for both normal traffic backup and felony mode
  • Added customizable abort/cancel request key (default: End) in the .ini file
  • Implemented localized backup unit models based on LSPDFR "Local Backup" configuration in backup.xml



  • Added option to call more than one unit for felony mode (can be set in the .ini file; maximum=5)
  • Added option to toggle siren sound on backup car. (has no effect on ELS vehicle due to limitation)
  • Fixed and Improved police buddy AI
  • Fixed very rare crash bug for some users



  • Fixed intermittent crash for some users when calling the felony backup
  • Fixed rare crash when the traffic stop backup unit is dismissed



  • Added new feature: Felony Backup mode. (to activate, press request key again after requesting Traffic Stop Backup or just use police radio)
  • Improved police buddy AI to also handle the passengers when they attack or flee



  • Added cancel key (End) to abort Traffic Stop Backup
  • Fixed police backup vehicle persistency issue



  • Added cancellation logic when the backup car cannot reach your position (caused by obstacles)
  • Tweaked police AI when dealing with fleeing suspect



  • Added feature to spawn the vehicle models based on zone/location ("police, police2, police3" for Los Santos City & "sheriff, sheriff2" for the rest)
  • Added feature to force the spawned police car to match your current vehicle model (flag can be set in the .ini file).
  • Improved police buddy AI (e.g. supporting player when being attacked, arresting suspect, helping pursuit on fleeing suspect)
  • Fixed police buddy paths when walking to backup position 

User Feedback

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CG Blaze

· Edited by CG Blaze

For old version ·

   16 of 16 members found this review helpful 16 / 16 members

With recent changes made to this mod, I have updated my rating from 4 to 5 stars. This mod is an ESSENTIAL download. It has my vote for a featured spot at the very least.


This is a great mod, and way, WAY overdue. It's honestly shocking to me that no one else has made this until this point.

In my experience so far, this mod works exactly as described, and executes it perfectly. Backup arrives on scene at a reasonable pace and aligns with your car, out of the way of traffic. The officer walks up and provides cover as needed. Just perfect!


The following text reflects an early build of this mod and should not be considered when downloading:


There is only one issue I have with this mod and it's the sole reason I can't rate this a full 5 yet:

As mentioned previously, this mod doesn't pull from a local backup source. Instead, it always spawns a LSPD cruiser and officer, regardless of location. It's rather unrealistic and somewhat annoying to have a LSPD response out in the middle of Blaine County.  Implement localized backup somehow and this easily becomes a 5, and an essential mod in general.


Other than that, I fully approve.


You've done a great job with this, and I'd like to see you expand on this as well. Perhaps add a felony stop option, where the backup car pulls up alongside yours, and the officer(s) come out weapons drawn?  Maybe implement some kind of command feature where you can have the backup officer search the vehicle (if this can be tied into an existing API, that's even better), or have them check the ID(s) of any passenger(s)?

Food for thought. Anyway, looking forward to updates and more mods from you in the future! Nice work!

Response from the author:

Hi, thanks for your feedback. 

This localized backup has been added in the latest version.

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For old version ·

   10 of 10 members found this review helpful 10 / 10 members

Wow Just Wow!



  • Works just like you need it too! I AI vehicle lines up perfectly with your vehicle not slamming into it. 
  • AI Officer walks with a purpose (not running into stuff) 



Not really any cons Just make sure you have a clear path behind your vehicle like it says or the car can get stuck. Only happened to me once. I shook my head when I realized I did it.



I would like to see some sort of customization in the future as in being able to put in the .ini what backup responds or script it if I am in the City I am going to get Police 1 etc. responding or I am in the county I will get Sheriff etc... responding other than that very cool mod!



Also maybe adding a button that lets you clear the officer instead of him taking off from the scene automatically. 

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For old version ·

   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

Fantastic! Only recommendation, and it isn't even a problem, more of a convenience. Would it be possible to have the responding officers chose the more open side to park on? Sometimes, vehicles pull over on the left, like on the highway, so it'd be cool if the backup went on the right. 

Response from the author:

thanks for your feedback. auto side selection is possible, but honestly it's very hard to implement.

in the meantime, i think you may use Albo's mimic car stop on LSPDFR+ to direct the suspect car to the more suitable side of the road.

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For old version ·

   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

Works as intended, the AI seems to respond well to pathways. Just give them enough room to pull behind.  The only thing I would love to see integrated is another mode where the backup arrives without sirens but has full lights on.  That would be more realistic in my opinion.  Otherwise great mod.

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Deputy Tahoe

For old version ·

   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

Definitely a much needed mod! I never called for backup when a driver came back wanted, because it was so unrealistic of them to park across the street and run over only to leave most of the time. Thank you for this much needed feature ! 10/10:thumbsup:

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For old version ·

   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

This is very nicely done.  No problems here very smooth.  Would be awesome if you could call k9 dog or something.  Might be too advanced at this time, just an idea.

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· Edited by jacklop21

For old version ·

   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

I have been waiting ages for a backup mod, thank you!


Tested for a while now, and no crashes or major issues. The backup does a good job of parking. I did notice that the backup officer will not respond to threats that happen outside of the traffic stop. I was in a stop, and bumped a random civ and they started attacking me, and the backup officer did nothing. Overall, a minor issue, great mod!

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For old version ·

   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

I have so much to say about this mod, but I will keep this brief.

This mod has improved the game play so much. I feel alone on traffic stops and sometimes want more officers when there are multiple suspects. 

This mod is so much better than code 2 or code 3 backup, because they don't just show up sirens blazing at the scene, pull their guns, and leave.

This mod has a very realistic simulation and realism is always wanted and needed in LSPDFR.

Thank you for this script, I can't wait to see what other content you make. 

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· Edited by Ranger61

For old version ·

   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members


This is a great mod. It pretty much works as described. The AI may still be a little careless at times. But they are no longer blatantly reckless. This mod has to put a little fear in suspects, particularly when it comes to felony stops. You look back and see three other cruisers arrive with officers gun drawn. *hit gets real!


If improvements can be made, it would be nice to have back up on callouts. The officer can stand by his car just in case something pops off. Another cool thing would be if the AI could do little things like search the vehicle, while you handle the suspect. It doesn't have to be animated, just so long as it ties into one of the search scripts, if possible.


Thanks for this jewel. We really needed it.


Edit 11/04/17: You can use the backup officer as transport, which is really cool.

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For old version ·

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Whats the point of lspdfr without this! 

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For old version ·

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Works well, but cops and cars goes crazy whenever I call for backup after the car has been mimicked by Albos "Traffic policer" mod.


Will update my rating 

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For old version ·

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Thanks for taking my input on custombackup. it really improves it overall.  This is easily a must have plugin.  

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For old version ·

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

It works just fine with RAGE 0.56. Only bug I've seen is one that's been mentioned already where you shouldnt call for a traffic stop backup during a callout (b/c is crashes) but I can live with that. Awesome job buddy!

Response from the author:

thanks for your feedback... I'm aware of the crashes during ANPR wanted callout (traffic policer ) and other callouts. I have fixed that and now it's still under testing to make sure everything's going well.

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For old version ·

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

OMG EXACTLY WHAT I WAS WANTING FOR MONTHS. A damn backup that could actually park and do normal actions. This was a suprise plugin for me but let me tell, this is a good month for LSPDFR modding. Love it!!! All pros, no cons for me. This is just a must-have now wow..... thank youm really!!!

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For old version ·

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

This Mod is amazing seriously very simple and sweet, it's great too finally not feel like a lone wolf out there great addition to patrol thanks a lot Bejoljo .

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For old version ·

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

This is a MUST HAVE and works PERFECTLY! 

Cons: I wish the cop would walk a little faster when getting out of his car.

Response from the author:

haha.. it was intentionally made like that, to make the cop more gallant. :D

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For old version ·

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Oh man..This mod is getting  more and more a MUST have for lspdfr!Great work and the updates are keep coming!!Thank you sir

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For old version ·

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member


Awesome Job!!!

A much need addition to my game.

Again Awesome Job.

Others have said everything that needs to be said!!!

Thank You For Sharing!!!!

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For old version ·

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

After that last update.... this is awesome!

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For old version ·

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Wow, this mod is absolutely brilliant! It is definitely an essential mod for anyone who wants intelligent traffic stop backup in lspdfr. When it was first released, there was only a few things that needed improving and the author is so on top of the comments and reviews and makes the changes that people ask for. I'm SO happy with this script and the author's frequent updates. This is definitely on my must have list and I highly recommend it to everyone. Phenomenal work.  Perhaps you can rework the gta AI one day haha.

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For old version ·

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

awesome mod just what we all needed!

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For old version ·

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Works perfectly!! great job m8, just awesome... everyone must have it

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For old version ·

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

With the new update, this is a masterpiece- I can't complain about anything!


Works as described

No errors / crashes so far


Simply just stunning and as other reviewers have said, way overdue. 

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For old version ·

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

excellent mod works perfectly as intended

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For old version ·

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

....and they said this could never happen..smh....BRAVO

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