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LE Revamped 2 1.0.0

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Hello everyone, I bring you the next release of my LE peds, LE revamped 2. These  two new peds features a new belt retextured and modified, thanks to yours truly and a big shoutout to EVI for giving me permission to release. These peds works perfectly with the holster mod. You have the choice of using the yellow taser or the black. Happy modding and more peds to come.

You may edit or modify the textures to fit your needs.

You may use in roleplay, clans,etc.

You may take pics and vids and only link to LCPDFR.com.

You may not steal, rip, modify, or sell this mod.

You may not edit and claim as your own.

You may not post to any other site without expressed permission.

EVI for creating the belt, mic and such,and giving permission to release,
Majorpaine for conversion, and modifications

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The utility belt is an 11/10, no doubt. However, the main issue with the sheriff ped is the texture. I'd suggest using the default LSSD sheriff uniform textures and making them higher quality.

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For anyone who wants the default BCSO textures, here you go.  I just resized the shirts a bit to fit the pens and mike.  just open the S_M_Y_Sheriff_01.ytd file in open iv and drag and drop them in if you don't know how.  

I take no credit for creating these textures, they came with RDE 2.21.  











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