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Siren Mastery | Fully master your siren tones!

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Siren Mastery

Siren Mastery is a script modification that allows you to master your siren tones. Toggle to your secondary siren at the press of a key/button, silence your siren using any key/button you like and even control exactly which 'secondary' siren plays! You can be up and running with Siren Mastery within 5 minutes (installation tutorial click HERE).

Requirements - some of these are included (credits go to their appropriate authors):

  • Albo1125.Common or higher (included)
  • RAGEPluginHook 0.51 or higher (not included)
  • A legal copy of GTA V (version 1.0.1011.1).

There is also a download to free up unneeded controller bindings so they can be used for Siren Mastery. Get it here.

You can find some new, customised UIs for Siren Mastery in the spoiler below:




Summary of current features (please check documentation carefully too):

  • Change the Siren Toggle key/button and assign it an optional modifier key/button.
  • Change the 'lights only' toggle key/button and assign it an optional modifier key/button.
    • This works even if your siren is off so you can control whether your siren should play before turning your lights on.
  • New 'Toggle Secondary Siren' key/button with an optional modifier key/button.
    • This allows you to switch to secondary sirens without having to hold down a key/button.
  • New 'Toggle Bullhorn' key/button with an optional modifier key/button.
    • This allows you to keep sounding your bullhorn without having to hold down a key/button.
    • Works simultaneously with sirens.
  • New 'Next Siren' key/button that cycles to the next siren.
    • Can optionally include the Off state as a cycle stage.
  • Your siren now stays on when you leave your vehicle and you don't mute it.
    • This can be disabled from the GeneralConfig file.
  • Determine the siren tone that should be playing.
    • You are able to select which siren tone to play, including the ability to differentiate between secondary sirens.
  • Additional Siren Modes
    • Dual Siren Mode.
    • Manual Siren Mode.
  • Additional customisable sirens per vehicle model.
    • Allows you to have up to TEN total sirens per vehicle model.
  • Fully Functional and Customisable UI.
    • Feel free to create and release your own custom UI files.
    • The size and position of the UI can be customised via the UIConfig file.
  • Customisable Siren Switching Tones (like Siren Switch Honker).
  • Sirens are fully customisable per vehicle model via an XML file.
  • All keybindings are customisable and fully customisable controller support is included.
  • The vehicles.awc size and length limits are effectively removed while using Siren Mastery, allowing for greater siren variety.
  • British Users: You can now have British Siren Switch/Toggle sounds (in other words, horns!). Simply replace the relevant files in the Plugins/SirenMastery folder with the ones included in Siren Switch Honker's download.


Support - what to do if you encounter a bug or have problems:

  1. Watch the installation video for my modifications here.
  2. Use this tool: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/9755-lspdfr-troubleshooter-by-albo1125/ 
  3. Read the documentation file if you're having trouble getting a specific feature to work.
  4. Suggestions can be made here.
  5. If all else fails: Please leave a comment (not a review). Include your RAGEPluginHook.log file, located in your Grand Theft Auto V folder. Also, please provide an accurate description of what happened. This allows me to help you as fast as possible.

Please do not reupload or redistribute this without my explicit permission. Thank you.

What's New in Version

Released (24/06/2018):

  • Updated all the files names read from sirenmastery/vehicles to match the new OpenIV string names.
  • This should prevent all the current crashing issues.
  • Updated for Albo1125.Common
  • Updated for the new RPH, should work with 0.51 or higher.
  • Please ensure that you re-export your vehicles.awc as per the installation instructions to avoid any issues as the old siren hash file names are no longer valid.

Use comments to ask for support. Please do NOT use reviews to ask for support! You will get ignored and reported as this is against community guidelines.

Festivalmatt - All the default UI images and getting the UI images set up properly.
NAudio developers.
TaylorSwift - Siren Switch and Siren Toggle tones.
OfficerSquare & purplepotatoes14 - Thumbnail
Loyalty Rewards Programme participants.

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

When the game loads in, Siren Mastery always crashes for me. This is my log for that event: 


[23/08/2018 13:41:05.345] SirenMastery: UNHANDLED EXCEPTION DURING GAME FIBER TICK
[23/08/2018 13:41:05.346] SirenMastery: ------------------------------
[23/08/2018 13:41:05.346] SirenMastery: Origin: Game fiber "<UNNAMED THREAD>".
[23/08/2018 13:41:05.347] SirenMastery: ------------------------------
[23/08/2018 13:41:05.347] SirenMastery: Exception type: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException
[23/08/2018 13:41:05.347] SirenMastery: Exception message: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
[23/08/2018 13:41:05.348] Parameter name: index
[23/08/2018 13:41:05.348] SirenMastery: ------------------------------
[23/08/2018 13:41:05.348] SirenMastery: Inner exceptions:
[23/08/2018 13:41:05.348] SirenMastery: ------------------------------
[23/08/2018 13:41:05.349] SirenMastery: Stack trace:
[23/08/2018 13:41:05.349] SirenMastery: at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentOutOfRangeException(ExceptionArgument argument, ExceptionResource resource)
[23/08/2018 13:41:05.349] at ?????????????????????????????????????????.?????????????????????????????????????????(String )
[23/08/2018 13:41:05.349] at ?????????????????????????????????????????.?????????????????????????????????????????()
[23/08/2018 13:41:05.349] at ?????????????????????????????????????????.?????????????????????????????????????????()
[23/08/2018 13:41:05.350] at ?????????????????????????????????????????.?????????????????????????????????????????.?????????????????????????????????????????.?????????????????????????????????????????()
[23/08/2018 13:41:05.350] at Rage.GameFiber.Main()
[23/08/2018 13:41:05.350] SirenMastery: ==============================
[23/08/2018 13:41:05.351] SirenMastery: 
[23/08/2018 13:41:05.360] SirenMastery: Cleaning up
[23/08/2018 13:41:05.362] SirenMastery: SirenMastery, developed by Albo1125, has been cleaned up.



Any help would be greatly appreciated, 



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I'm having an issue and I'd like to ask for help, everything is installed correctly, and YES I do have the most recent version of rage, and GTA 5, and scripthookV, the plugin launches, then crashes, and gives me this message, this sound file is 0x0D329446 - The Police Primary, yet if I look thru all my sound files, 0x0D329446 isn't even in my files at all. I validated files with no luck, thanks.


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is a very nice mod. you can make easy an design and add custom sounds i have on button 9 the sound from the gta cop they say "stop the fucking vehicle". You need "stop your fucking vehicle"? start open iv and go to: openiv/gta v/mods/x64/audio/sfx/S_FULL_SER.rpf and scroll down aand open the file "s_m_y_sheriff_01_white_full_02.awc" and scroll down to "STOP_VEHICLE_GENERIC_WARNING_MEGAPHONE_04" and extrackt this as "wav" and to "Grand Theft Auto V\plugins\SirenMastery\CustomSirens" and write the file name "STOP_VEHICLE_GENERIC_WARNING_MEGAPHONE_04" in "VehicleSirenSetup.xml". Its really funny for LSPDFR streams 😄 . @Albo1125

design lspdfr.png

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Hey there guys, so i seem to be the only one with this problem and i am 100% sure that it is somewhere my fault. But, i cant find the VehicleSirenSettings.xml where it should be. If, Please, anybody could help, that would be awesome

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I'm really new to this mod and have one question. Can I have my LSPD units in police-policet and riot using the LAPD smart siren? and have my BCSO units in Sheriff slots use the touchmaster delta and highway units being bike and police4 using CHP sirens? 

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Hi, I've installed siren mastery in my pc but when I try to activate sirens (even the default ones) I hear them lagging. Thanks in ancient for the help

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This is an awful mod it doesn't replace the ELS sound string problem at all. The horn cuts abruptly because the creator did not include Rockstar DSP effects to any of the sirens, it crashes with higher quality sound files because it uses stream audio emitter rather than just a global sound.


ELS default sirens after you have sorted out the mechanics and key bindings is 10 times better than this mod. 

And by DSP effects not being used at all, when turning sirens on and off they sound fucking awful because there is no echo or reverberation like the default game from 2013 😐

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OK. So. I installed this mod on my new computer, after 6-8 months. But. After I installed, I got this problem. I reinstalled everything 10 times, but doesn't work. I'm hungarian, so I'm translateing: Culture=netural, file or pack, and one of this addicatzion can't be loaded


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