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Better EMS brings a whole new level of medical response to LSPDFR. And given how often you crazy officers run people over, shoot them down, beat them up, and otherwise put their lives in danger... it's about time the medics in Los Santos picked up their game. 

Packed with features to give your casualties their best chance of survival, Better EMS has several key benefits:

  • Integration with popular mods including Custom Backup, Arrest Manager, Patrol Toolkit, LSPDFR+, Police Smart Radio, PeterU Callouts, and more!
  • Realistic response units: A fire truck will dispatch from the nearest fire station, and an ambulance will dispatch from the nearest hospital.
  • Customize your backup units and spawn points. Life guards respond near the beach, park rangers respond in the mountains. Use any vehicle as a response unit. 
  • Dynamic dispatch audio based on the injuries detected. 
  • Revival probability is dynamically adjusted based on injury type, body part hurt, and how long it took for EMS to arrive. 
  • NEW! Custom revival probabilities - edit the survival chances for any combination of injury and body part!
  • Revived patients are taken to the ambulance and driven to the hospital, not just left to wander off!
  • If more people get hurt while EMS is on scene, they will quickly tend to the new casualties. 
  • Detailed incident report tells you the name and status of each patient. 
  • Developer API allows plugin creators to call for EMS, or for an ambulance to transport a single ped. 


Full instructions are included in the README file; please read it carefully! 

This mod is compiled for RPH 0.51, and is compatible with all RPH versions from 0.45 to 0.51. There are no other external dependencies besides LSPDFR and the files included with the download. 

If you have crashes, bug reports, etc, please post in the forum thread and upload a copy of your RagePluginHook.log, your EMSUnits.xml file, and your INI file. No support can be provided for problems reported in reviews, or not providing the required files listed above

A big thank you to everybody who helped with the development of this mod! 

  • @fiskey111 for helping figure out CPR animations
  • @Albo1125, @alexguirre, and many others for their help with coding questions
  • @Darkmyre for particularly helpful beta testing and other help
  • @LtFlash and @Fiskey111 for advice on medical realism
  • All beta testers! Original release beta team members included: darkmyre, fireboy6117, bardo2014, requies, alexguirre, frosty19, aler360, vampyre, unison, mazednik, SoUThPHiLLY20, OfficerEight, McAwesome6934, Lawdy, TmBB101TheUniT, DroidRZRLover, ScottehBoyy, IndianaJoe, Steiger4044 , Code5x, luminouscarcass, Quakex64
  • And of course, the whole LSPDFR and RPH teams for the awesome platform this was built on!


SPECIAL THANK YOU to members of the Parks Benefactor Program who have supported my mod development! Their generous donations have helped to make continued updates to my modifications possible. Particular thanks to the Old Faithful donors who have supported me with noteworthy donations: Kilyin, anters, Sergeant Anderson, winglesschip, Dsonke1, and PolGuin255. You can join the Parks Benefactor Program by donating to support my mods, and to get early beta access to new modifications and updates to my existing modifications.


Please do not re-upload, reverse engineer, modify, redistribute, or in any other way violate the copyright of this modification. 

What's New in Version 3.0


New in 3.0:


  • Requires RPH 0.45+, recommended for use with RPH 0.51
  • Added configurable survival rates. Check survivability.csv in GTA V\Plugins\LSPDFR\EMSMod. Make sure to save and close this file before going on duty.
  • Improved detection of nearby dead peds.
  • Various API enhancements for plugin developer integration.
  • Added support for Police Smart Radio integration. You can call or cancel EMS response using Smart Radio, and Smart Radio also integrates with Better EMS to determine ped cause of death for its coroner feature.
  • Fixed bugs that occasionally caused some peds to not be treated or appear in the EMS report twice.
  • Fixed bug that caused medics to wait forever when using hospital pickup feature and player walks far away from the patient. 
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes and internal improvements.


Previous changelogs:


New in 2.1:


  • Now requires RPH 0.45+, compatible with any more recent version. 
  • If the player health is below 80% (configurable in INI), medics come over to the player, give them a health kit, clean their clothes, and armor and health will be set to 100%. 
  • Fixed ped spawning so components and texture selection works. Updated default XML file accordingly so firefighters spawn with helmet but without SCBA gear. 
  • Added responder ambient speech. 
  • Fixed various bugs which were causing responders to get stuck on scene. 
  • Fixed bug causing crash when coroner removes a body that EMS is in the middle of trying to fix. 
  • Some improvements to vehicle spawning and warping code. 
  • Added a ambient actions for responders who are on scene and finished dealing with patients - e.g. walking around, looking at any dead bodies, taking notes, playing with their phone, etc. 
  • Miscellaneous other changes. 


New in 2.0:

  • Ambulance-only mode, where you can dispatch just an ambulance by default. Comes with numerous options to automatically dispatch a firetruck/first responder in certain circumstances like MVAs, multiple injuries, or if the first responder is closer. Includes new keybindings to manually choose whether to dispatch just an ambulance, let the plugin decide based on your options, or dispatch both. If the first responder didn't dispatch but you change your mind, you can press the dispatch key again to manually add them to the response. 
  • Impatient mode, especially for all you YouTubers out there whose viewers apparently can't be bothered to wait a realistic amount of time for EMS to show up. Now, you can configure a maximum driving distance, and if the units spawn further away than that, they'll automatically be warped to a closer distance which you can also configure. 
  • Improved warping, now units will automatically warp on a street facing the correct direction, and they will appear almost exactly the driving distance away that you specify in the INI file. Woohoo!
  • Unbelievably better driving AI. Responders will now drive much faster on the freeway, will slow down on dirt roads, and will slow down near the scene. Their ability to avoid obstacles and drive sanely has been improved. 
  • Automatic speed zone around scene will slow down traffic to a configurable speed when they are near the scene you called EMS to. The speed zone is automatically created when you call EMS, and automatically removed when the last EMS unit departs. 
  • Improved tracking between EMS calls will ensure that if a ped gets checked by EMS and doesn't make it, that if you call EMS again to the same area, they will remain dead and will have their original time and cause of death. 
  • Park rangers added to the EMS response units XML file, by popular request! 
  • Lots of API additions for developers to use, check out the included documentation. 
  • Tons of internal improvements which will make Better EMS run smoother, faster, and more reliably. 
  • Improved dependency checking, to get rid of those annoying pop-ups every time RPH updates. 





Modification by PNWParksFan
CPR animation help from Fiskey111
Coding advice from Albo1125, alexguirre, khorio, LukeD, stealth22, Darkmyre, and many others
Optional custom dispatch audio: coastiestevie

Beta testers:

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For current version ·

   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

A quintessential script that was a pleasure to test - the overhauled EMS system is simply fantastic with great animations, accurate audio and a well polished dispatch system. For anyone who wants to add a bit more depth to LSPDFR then this modification is quite simply a must-have!

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   0 of 1 member found this review helpful 0 / 1 member

awesome mod ...must have 

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For current version ·

   16 of 16 members found this review helpful 16 / 16 members

A must have for everyone who tries to be at least semi-realistic. I really enjoyed testing it too, and it's great to see that it's finally public!

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For current version ·

   10 of 11 members found this review helpful 10 / 11 members

A great, highly polished plugin that finally gives us proper EMS! Love the customization options, and the fact that EMT's can react when things happen while they're onscene. Definitely a "must-have" plugin for any LSPDFR patrol.

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