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ZTEP-103 Siren 1.00

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The ZTEP-103 siren by Zone Technologies is used by several police forces in the province of Quebec (Canada), including the Montreal Police Service (SPVM).

− This modification will replace the main GTA V police sirens with the air horn and main tones of the ZTEP-103.
− Features the choice of two versions: AH, WL, YP, and HL; or AH, WL, YP and HY.

− Due to game limitations, the yelp tone (YP) will be applied to all of the game’s emergency vehicles.
− To apply the ZTEP siren to any emergency vehicle, in the vehicles.meta file, set its <handlingId> flag to one matching the name of an emergency vehicle that uses the base siren and is similar in handling (ex. POLICE, POLICE2, POLICE3, PRANGER, POLICET…)

− Always make sure to create backups before overwriting any original game files.
− To avoid the need to overwrite original game files, use the “mod” folder method provided by OpenIV.
− 1. Using OpenIV, open the file: “mods /x64/audio/sfx/RESIDENT.rpf”.
− 2. Once inside, find and replace the vehicles.awc file with one of those provided in the download.
− 3. Close OpenIV.

− Original high-quality sounds recorded and provided by PoliceWag and MAG292.
− Sounds looped, edited, optimized and compiled for GTA V by Lt.Caine.

− Sample tones are provided in the download.
− You can hear a preview of the ZTEP tones in this video from GTA IV (the tones are relatively unchanged): https://youtu.be/RI4u4_JgtVI?t=37s


PoliceWag, MAG292, and Lt.Caine.

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Would it be possible to release these siren tones individually and not in vehicles.awc so that I can use them with SirenMastery?  I know you included the audio files in the "samples" folder but I don't know if those are high quality or not.  Thanks in advance!

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