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  2. dykan028

    ScriptHookV Alternative

    When I try to load the plugin ingame it pops up 4 notification saying compatibility conflict. It's also not letting els work, but the trainer is working.. Any idea what's going on? Also I removed Advanced hook files, im not sure if I was supposed to do that or if ELS realize on those files.
  3. Brady123

    [ELS] LSPD 2016 Ford Taurus

    wow that is a nice FPIS would you do a slick top?
  4. Him1250

    Setina PB400 - 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe

    Looks great my dude. Glad to see you giving back to the community.
  5. OfficerWei2988

    [ELS] Los Santos County Police Pack

    Do we put this in patchday 19 or 20?
  6. Jackoriley119

    EUP Vest Skins

    what duty belt is that?
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Motorola APX7500 Multi-Band Radio + Lights and Sirens Controller When I first discovered this fine little piece of equipment, I thought that an emergency vehicle didn't need anything else. After all, its a lighting and siren controller mixed with a Motorola Radio. Its an all-in-one piece of equipment that will get the job done easily and without taking up to much space. Nonetheless, I thought this thing was super cool! It isn't used very much, it might be expensive or it might lack a lot of features... I am going to guess it lacks a lot of features. It has push buttons for your siren controller as well as that handy manual switch; it has your take-down and alley light buttons; it features a turn-knob styled lighting controller for.. well you know... turning on the lights -- it even has a PA button for when that will come into use. Other than that, it's just a radio. It lacks certain features: - Directional Traffic Advisories - Inconvenient placement of the PA button NEXT to the BIG RED BUTTON (I bet that has accidentally been pushed a couple times) - Maybe there is a Hands Free button to this? I don't know. - You might use this in war time. There is a smoke screen and seat-ejection button for when you may never need it on the streets - Did I turn down the volume or change the radio channel? I will never know because things aren't labeled. Better go read that manual they gave me... Other than that, I think this thing is perfect for small departments! If you need traffic advisory, just pair up a Code3PSE or Whelen Engineering T/A Lighting controller. That should five you extensive control over those things. Ohh yeah! I should mention that it looks like a baby got onto my computer and tried to put this thing together... It was me. I was that baby! This is my first time modeling in ZMOD3 instead of 3dsmax. 3dsmax always crashed on me so I figured I would use this. And it turns out that this program sucks for modeling so I apologize not only for the program being bad, but for me... I am bad. Known Issues: - The UV mapping is off: The way I had set this thing up wasn't as smart - It's mostly a flat surface and doesn't contain the indents that you'll see on the real thing - Not all buttons are there (I did the most prominent ones) - No emissive. I forgot how to create an emissive. - Some buttons may look weird (explained below) - The top left (barely noticeable in the game) is messed up a bit but looks fine in game - Don't remove the buttons. I am not sure what happened. When you enable the buttons, it looks normal. Normal is good! - When you look at the materials for this, don't ask. Just go with it. I hate ZMOD3 but its mostly my fault cause I. Suck. At. Modeling. - This thing looks like crap (save yourself the comments ) - Let me rephrase this, the accessories button (Gun-lock), left arrow, center out, and right arrow are possible with different textures. I wouldn't recommend it as it would be scaled weirdly. I have to thank 0taku for letting me use certain buttons to accomplish this. Because of this nice person, their great work will... well I'm not sure what it will do. I just appreciate them letting me use their work in my work. The BIG RED BUTTON , Power Button, Home Button, Illumination button, and the Volume Knobs are theirs. The textures found, I think three, are theirs as well. Plans: I am not a bad bad modeler. I do have plans to improve this project. - I will add different textures that will make it darker and 'pop' more in-game - I will make things light-up! - I may or may not re-model it. The UV is tough enough and I feel re-modeling it could mess it up - I may UV is better! UV was hard for this cause it was messed up anyways. I may have UV stitched something. Sorry... Regardless or not, for my first project especially in ZMOD3, I like the outcome of this. I can only improve on this! I intend to improve on this. If you like, thank you! If you don't, I'm sorry! Different versions of this? I think maybe. Only if you guys like!
  8. flwpheonix

    Wobbling lightbars on some police slots?

    hmm. There has to be a reason why it is doing it. I haven't updated yet do to no scripthook, so I cannot help any further.
  9. lucass211

    cant load anything

    window defender i was able to run the plugin but now this shows up GTAVLauncher.exe failed to start.
  10. Hightflyer1

    York Region

    Future mods to be released from York Region. Join for more updates and exclusives. Discord:https://discord.gg/ynaPfaU
  11. Double Doppler

    Wobbling lightbars on some police slots?

    Certain, all the mandatory checks run
  12. flwpheonix

    Wobbling lightbars on some police slots?

    hmmm...intresting...and you are 100% certain the DLC is setup correctly?
  13. TheBritBastard

    GTAV Crash W/O ScriptHookV

    Forced windowed + Forced Directx11. Works now with no mods. So the problem must have been caused by one of the mods possibly being dependent on scripthookV but I had alot so I have no idea which one it is. If i find out I'll let you guys know. Hopefully they get an update for scripthook soon Thanks for the help!
  14. Today
  15. Anybody else experiencing crash trying to search ped with this latest update 4.2.7? Every single time I use STP and pat down LSPDFR crashes
  16. Soko N Lime

    GTAV Crash W/O ScriptHookV

    try going into the rhp settings and setting it to windowed and borderless window
  17. Tactical Donut

    Unmarked Potato ELS

    Why is the interior all white Never mind I changed textures and fixed it
  18. Hello i do a successful downgrade steam to 1493 but i need the RPH V 0.63 that supported this game version... anyone have it? please can uploated it to mediafire (most simple web) and give me the link!!?? please!!! cuz: scripthook is not available now for latest game version and i cant play it with latest game version ...
  19. TheBritBastard

    GTAV Crash W/O ScriptHookV

    Reinstalled LSPDFR GTAV and RAGE again and did not install scripthook..... Now the game does not crash but RAGE and LSPDFR are not present in the game. no F4 no nothing. the loading screen is normal as well no RAGE loading screen even though the game is launched by RAGE RagePluginHook.log
  20. Double Doppler

    Wobbling lightbars on some police slots?

    It’s super strange because I’ve since reverted to 1365 and there’s no lightbar issues whatsoever, seems to only be with the latest patch and certain vehicle models
  21. Doggerith

    2016 Ford Explorer | ELS |

    I live right in hometown Greenwich hahaha, its nice to see someone from this little state be here
  22. flwpheonix

    Wobbling lightbars on some police slots?

    Any time...too bad we couldn't figure out the problem!
  23. Double Doppler

    Wobbling lightbars on some police slots?

    No problem, thank you for helping anyway
  24. panoszaf

    Setina PB400 - 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe

    very well done model thanks for sharing
  25. flwpheonix

    Wobbling lightbars on some police slots?

    Ah..ok...Just wondering. It could be that the export is corrupt or so. All out of ideas....
  26. @Pavyi know but, i want to know if i need script hook or ELS can work without script hook..
  27. Double Doppler

    Wobbling lightbars on some police slots?

    I’m using a custom DLC folder because constantly keeping up with patchday switches is really obnoxious and I have a lot of mods I use to keep the game interesting for my viewers. It’s worked with no issues so far, only thing is this recent issue which is really strange. Seems not to be slot specific but more model specific since the same car has the same issue when placed in another slot.
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