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    Well, That went exactly how i planned it.
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About Me

Hello i'm OfficerKillalevi,

Thinking about starting a new LCPDFR Series when my gta iv gets more stable...

But if you've heard of roblox i have some patrols of roblox games there on my channel on youtube.

Feel free to watch them channel: Killalevi


Make sure to find one with a officer guy by a cop car roblox-ey

Because if i recall there's multiple fakers out there.


Feel free to contact me of anything! I try to be as helpful as i can!


*Reached Goal of 100 Arrests*

*Reached Goal of Modding Better*

*Pursuit Driving skills Better*

*Driving Skills On any terrain or weather Better*


If i don't Respond to PMs and/or Posts, It usually means the following,

1. I'm Playing GTA 4 Or any other game.

2. I'm Modding.

3. Doing something.

4. Offline.


I try to respond to anything at the earliest convenience.