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  1. I haven't finish with the model yet, i also need to edit the rear wheels can fit the bodykit
  2. From the album MrPotato's WIP

    Don't worry about the bugs, they will be fixed before release.
  3. The hurks pack is the most accurate out there, @Officer Goetz you're going to be wasting your time if you're going to make a chp pack, y'all be saying you guys didn't know thehurks pack existed is pretty much a stupid excuse, it has over what 50k downloads and featured on lcpdfr so i honestly don't know how could you miss that and @JJDawkinsbefore you talk about accuracy please make sure you know you do not have any knowledge in making an accurate pack :)
  4. Mappings are mostly done, will soon start on conversion.
  5. The models are not unlocked, someone would have to convert those cars or get the unlocked version of it.
  6. it hasn't been finished yet, it will be released this month tho. and it will be els.
  7. i was gonna release an sq pack, but something happened, but my spvm pack does have arrow boards.
  8. not vehicle dash emissive, emissive!!!!!!
  9. Could be a texture issue or set material to emissive and it should change how it looks.
  10. rhi

    You know nothing about my city i'm making, you're also a horrible modeler. So far all your models are ass, :)
  11. i actually never knew that lel
  12. Please stop posting porn.
  13. From the album MrPotato's WIP