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  1. LCPD Pack v1.0


    Yeah :P This is more a Belgium Shepard :

    That aint a Belgium Shepard O_o
  4. GTAIV 2014 07 26 15 18 12 629

    What tahoe is this? Love the siderunners on it.
  5. Volkswagen Touran Politie (front)

    Seems a little bit low on the front end ( After checking it in rl ) Maybe level it up a little bit?
  6. Arma 2 Picture Compilation

    Few new updates from the altis life server More to come :)
  7. Arma 2 Picture Compilation

    W.i.P Altis Life Server.
  8. [ARMA 2 OA] Life mission

    On topic : There are a few ARMA OA Life mission forums, that provide enough tutorials. Would search those things on google / youtube first, believe me there are a lot of tutorials out there because I searched them too, but for arma 3 altis life. Off topic : Really? Arma OA? It's getting outdated and more are going towards Altis / Stratis life since the CVPI's and more realistic vehicles are optional there, would make up a good mind before you rent a server :)
  9. Arma III Modifications ?

    Because most of the 13th year old kids don't take it that serious that they go deep in roleplaying, but rather sit and whine about things that you do as an officer. Of course you have those kind of people in every age group, but most of the time we experienced it in that age area,plus the fact that we don't say we don't allow them in the server, but they aren't going in cop or rebel positions. Because neither of the chiefs of those divisions are accepting them. That means, that they have to stick civilian, which they probably won't like. @ last part, thnx for the headsup.
  10. Arma III Modifications ?

    Update : Found a couple that are willing to help out. Though I feel that certain people here have interest in the game. So far I set up the community website, a tiny bit though I need to do some more work. In case you have the game and you are interested, feel free to join the website to see our progress :) http://tua-life.enjin.com/home

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