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  1. Sentinel's Showroom

    Is anyone here interested in testing the Hawthorne Police CVPI? I could release it by the end of the week if nothing bad happens.
  2. Sentinel's Showroom

    Well, I've never said that I want to release the CHP Vic first. This is the first one.
  3. Sentinel's Showroom

    Das ist Betriebsgeheimnis. Danke! Vielen Dank!
  4. Sentinel's Showroom

    My new side project.
  5. Fleet Trial Vehicle

    Beautiful! You have great friends!
  6. Fleet Trial Vehicle

    From where? I need it! It's one of my favorite vehicles!
  7. Sentinel's Showroom

    Ich sage jetzt einfach mal danke.
  8. Sentinel's Showroom

    Selbstverständlich ist er das.
  9. Sentinel's Showroom

    Der Hawthorne Crown vic ist auf Platz 1. Dann folgt der LASD Vic, dann ein LAPD slicktop. Und erst dann das CHP pack.
  10. Sentinel's Showroom

    Dann wirst du wohl böse werden müssen. Denn der Wagen hier steht so ziemlich auf dem letzten Platz meiner Liste.
  11. Sentinel's Showroom

    Thanks man!
  12. Sentinel's Showroom

    Thanks! Yes, everything is spot on, that was my main goal. But this pack here is probably my last CHP pack. The CHP retires the Crown Vic very very soon and I'm absolutely not interested in the other vehicles they are using.
  13. Work in Progress V

  14. Sentinel's Showroom

    A K9 version is definetly on the list.

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