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  1. Version 1.1


    ***MAKE BACKUPS OF FILES BEFORE REPLACING*** ***Please REFER TO README FILE FOR DETAILED INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS*** MODEL OVERVIEW - NAME: UK British Metropolitan Police Custodian Helmet and UK Police Hat - VERSION: v1.1 - OPTIMIZED FOR: "m_y_cop_p" - CREDITS: Custodian Helmet Model and Textures by Ridgerunner Designs Original Police Hat Model by Rockstar Games editted by Ridgerunner Designs and UK Police Hat textures by Ridgerunner Desgins Screenshots by Carrytxhd and Ridgerunner Designs - MOD STATUS: Closed ADDITIONAL NOTES I've had many requests to do a Custodian Helmet so finally here it is! I've patterned this after the Metropolitan Police Custodian Helmets. I've left out some of the smaller details to try to optimize this model a bit. Also I took the original hat and edited it a bit and made UK police textures for it. So now users have a few UK hat options. If you're not happy with the textures or wish to have it more closely resemble your local police force, feel free to swap out textures to enhance your own personal gaming experience!
  2. TurtleGod3000's DEV Parts WIP

    Always encouraged to see new modelers to GTA, welcome! 3d Modeling can be a lot of fun. It can be incredibly rewarding creating original content for the GTA world. With that being said, a little constructive criticism modeler to modeler (don't worry I'll be gentle). A mistake I commonly see new modelers make, myself included, is using meshsmooth or turbosmooth. It can really make your models look great, but it adds a lot of unnecessary geometry to a model (which for video games is a bad thing). From my experience setting proper smoothing groups instead is a better option. Simple geometry paired with a good texture can look just as good in game. An advanced technique is baking the detail from a high poly model into a low poly model, you can search Youtube for detailed tutorials if you're interested in learning more. Another helpful tip would be to add triangles to your scene information (since the game converts to triangles), it's a good thing to keep track of when you model. You can do this by clicking the "+" symbol in the upper left hand corner of your viewing window, select "Configure Viewports...", click on "Statistics and check the "Triangle Count" box and I also check the "Total+Selection" box. This helps a lot with keeping track of how much geometry your selected model has and also keeps track of the rest of your scene (for when your outfitting a vehicle or modeling a complete vehicle). Keep striving to learn more and grow as a modeler and you'll be surprised by what you can build. It's all up to you how far you want to take it, good luck!
  3. SAHP running laser

    From the album General

    Converting some of my handheld RADAR/LIDAR units to GTA V
  4. General

  5. Traffic breakin'

    Chippy is part of the Accurate Studio team
  6. A Ridgerunner Designs release...... UK POLICE CUSTODIAN HELMET & POLICE HAT Uploaded with ImageShack.us I've had many requests to do a Custodian Helmet so finally here it is! I've patterned this after the Metropolitan Police Custodian Helmets. I've left out some of the smaller details to try to optimize this model a bit. Also I took the original hat and edited it a bit and made UK police textures for it. So now users have a few UK hat options. If you're not happy with the textures or wish to have it more closely resemble your local police force, feel free to swap out textures to enhance your own personal gaming experience! If you guys experience any issues you can post in this thread and I'll try to address them. ***Big Thanks to Carrythxd for help on the screenshots (which are included in the file)! ****REMEMBER TO MAKE BACKUPS BEFORE REPLACING!!**** Download Now!! Alternate Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/qerxesc9f46ql5p/UK_British_Police_Custodian_Helmet_v1.1.rar
  7. Version 1.0


  8. USAF Security Forces

    I think you should make him at least an Airman First Class (E-3) or Senior Airman (E-4), even though age wise he looks like a E-5/E-6. Can't see his left side but I'm guessing you have the SF function badge over the US Air Force tape and the SP badge on the pocket below?
  9. Modern Harley Police?

    A newer, more accurate model is in the works.....
  10. LAPD motor unit ped problem

    It looks like you're trying to map a oval shaped badge texture (LAPD) to a 7-point star style badge (CHP). The shapes are too different from each other to look correct. You'll probably have to wait for OpenIV/GIMS to add the correct badge, unless you can change out the ped torso like you could in GTA IV without going through a complete conversion (I haven't been following the GTA V scene close enough to be a useful resource). If the latter is possible it might still look wrong if the meshes don't align properly (since they're designed for another ped).

    Well to answer your question; there are several police motorcycle projects in the works, but it takes a LOT of time from start to finish, so give it some time. As far as the BRP Spyder, keep in mind MOST people don't have the skills to model a complete model like that. Based on the photos I would say it's an interesting and very unique project, but keep in mind that a 3d modeler prefers to see blueprints showing TOP/SIDES/FRONT/REAR and even a Bottom view being ideal. Take a look at 'The-Blueprints" website to see exactly what I'm referring to for modeling blueprints. Reference photos are great to have to see all the details and everything that isn't shown in blueprints, but to get the general shape and scale blueprints are ideal. So for anyone reading this it's best to include complete blueprints when making 'suggestions/requests'. Just my .02.
  12. Hey guys, I'm wondering if anyone has any experience dealing with any HDD data recovery companies. I just experienced mechanical failure on 3 HDD's in the past 2 weeks (2 laptop HDD's and 1 desktop HDD, 4 years of modding data). I've tested all of the drives, and even had another experienced PC repair friend double check my work, and no luck getting any data off of them using a number of different techniques. I'm specifically wondering if anyone has any dealings with the flat rate companies (low flat rate for your data or you don't pay). I know you have reliability, often times 99% of your data, by going with a well established HDD data recovery company with certified lab, etc., but the prices (generally $500-$2500) aren't exactly something I'm excited about. If I can get a similar end result for going with one of the smaller (and far cheaper) companies that are still in the process of growing, but are experienced in HDD data recovery I would be much happier going in that direction. If anyone has direct experience, or indirect experience (maybe through family or a friend), I'd love to hear about that experience before I make a decision. Worse case scenario I choose a flat rate company and they can't pull any data off the drive (or data that I don't really need) and damage the drive in the process where another company can no longer work their magic on it and thus I can no longer retrieve that important data OR pay way too much for the same service that another competitor can do it for. Thanks guys! -Ridgerunner
  13. HDD Data Recovery Company Advice

    For those that may experience this "situation" in the future, I ended up going with $300 Data Recovery out in Los Angeles, California and they recovered all my files for a flat rate of, you guessed it $300. Which for those shopping around is a good bargain, normal costs run anywhere from $500-$2,500 for data recovery. It's always better to backup your data and save the headache, but who would have thought 2 hdd's would fail at the same time? I plan on backing up 3 or 4 ways from now on instead of backing up hdd to hdd. Now I can get back to my GTA V mods!
  14. HDD Data Recovery Company Advice

    I attempted recovery via Ubuntu as directed on hdd recovery sites, no luck. I couldn't even force mount the drives. The seagate has already started to go to making "clicking noises".
  15. My Thoughts on V Modeling

    One of the LCPDFR's core ToS is "Respect" and for good reason. You cannot build a strong, healthy, happy community without having community members displaying mutual respect for one another. Depending on how long you've been in the community you'll hear this hot topic of "modder rights" come up over and over again. At it's core is this idea of "Respect". When we look past the distracting side discussions, (like copyright/trademark issues that none of these game studios pursue), we see a small group of ambitious, energetic, and very generous individuals, that are willing to invest their own time and energy into creating something new for the games we all enjoy (like the GTA series). These individuals will release their content (sometimes in "locked" form, sometimes it's "unlocked" for the public). They will include a credits file (often overlooked by the end user) and those authors who have contributed to the work in the final release are acknowledged by name. All of those authors cited in the credits file have been contacted for proper permissions and have given their consent through direct contact, or have done so in a text file included with the original authors creation. Side note: If a gaming studio ever directly contacted us, and requested us to remove any content using their work, we would gladly comply. We're not profiting from their work. We're not competing with their companies business interests. So I believe it would be a fair assessment to believe that these gaming studio's are well aware that their content is being used for various mods in a lot of different games (not just the GTA series), and do not particularly care enough to warrant some kind of legal action. Maybe if we were making thousands of dollars it would catch someone's attention, but that's simply not the case in our community. So the original authors have given their permission to use their work, and have been properly cited as a contributing author to the final released modification. Anyone not complying with these basic steps are contacted directly and asked to A) contact the original author (in the case of permissions) or B) properly credit who made what for their release. Anyone who refuses to comply with these simple requirements are punished by having the file removed, and possibly having their account suspended or banned. This is exactly how things are suppose to work in a community that shows respect for each other. Why is it so important to get permissions and/or credit properly? It goes back to the original point of having respect for one another. You're acknowledging that someone else has invested time and energy into creating something new. Even in cases where an individual has taken an existing model from another game, their is significant time and energy invested in editing the model to meet the requirements of GTA SA/IV/V. Parts are needed, proper LOD's created, materials assigned, etc. A direct example of this would be vehicle doors. Some video games do not have vehicle doors that open in game and thus save geometry by deleting the edges of the door that are unseen in their game. All of this geometry needs to be added and fixed for the GTA series, as this area is displayed in game. Often times a base vehicle model is older or different from a police model, and thus require all of those edits. The whole time process can vary dramatically (vehicle to vehicle, modder experience, etc.), but regardless their is always a significant amount of time and energy being invested by that individual. When we ask permission from an author to use something that they've worked on, we're recognizing that significant investment of time and energy and we're respecting their time and energy contributions. Anyone who doesn't, is showing a tremendous amount of disrespect for this individual by minimizing the value of that individuals personal contributions. You're basically saying, "I don't care about the amount of hours you've spent working on your mod, and I don't care about the energy you've invested in the project. It's all insignificant.". That's really a terrible thing to say to someone don't you think? They've just spent time that they'll never get back and an enormous amount of energy, not to mention a significant amount of passionate devotion to their project to finish it, and you've minimized those contributions by saying that they're insignificant. That's not exactly the stuff we build a healthy, harmonious community on (something to think about). This is a really important concept that anyone not understanding what all the fuss is about needs to understand. Believe me I understand your confusion. I never understood it myself until I actually started modeling, and editing these models and realized that there is a tremendous amount of time and effort involved, which completely changed my mind on the subject. At that significant point in time, I realized it should completely be up to the individual authors to determine how (and by whom) their work should be used. Modders rights, are basic rights that respect the individual authors time and energy contributions by asking for and getting their permissions to use their work and properly crediting them for that work. The facts are these models aren't hidden away on the internet. The models themselves and the techniques to convert them for the GTA series are available for anyone willing to invest the time and energy into a similar project. Important note: Most modders are more then willing to answer modding related questions and give you constructive feedback on your work to help you improve your work. Everyone in this discussion wants the same thing. A friendly place, where people treat each other fairly and with mutual respect. A place to be able to share your ideas, and freely share your content with others, without a healthy fear people will take advantage of your generosity and use your content without proper permissions. We all want access to play these amazing modifications in our own game. We all want to see the community expand, and we all want to see more people willing to get their hands dirty and contribute themselves (this is exactly how we get more mods for the game). We (modders) are not the enemy here, we're just asking the community to respect our time and energy contributions by asking before using our content, and to properly credit us when we do give permissions. If you're frustrated by this, then do what I did 4 years ago, and start learning everything you can about modding, and start releasing your own content to the public (then you'll understand our perspective better). This is about building a better community and this is exactly how we start to achieve that goal.
  16. new police bike model

    I'm working on a CHP Harley Davidson Electra Glide (will be the newer 2014-15 model though)(I have plans to probably release the older style Electra Glide as a fictional model, maybe a LAPD model if it's requested enough), but I just had my desktop and laptop HDD's go down on me and I'm trying to recover my files on one of those HDD's. For those requesting anything (ie; Motorcylcle, Car, Truck, etc.) the most helpful thing for modelers are blueprints for the model (TOP, SIDES, FRONT, REAR are best), and good HQ reference pictures that have 360 coverage, and please show interiors if applicable. The other helpful thing is to have reference pictures of the equipment the agency uses (or at least knowledge of the manufacturer and specific model).