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  1. TurtleGod3000's DEV Parts WIP

    Always encouraged to see new modelers to GTA, welcome! 3d Modeling can be a lot of fun. It can be incredibly rewarding creating original content for the GTA world. With that being said, a little constructive criticism modeler to modeler (don't worry I'll be gentle). A mistake I commonly see new modelers make, myself included, is using meshsmooth or turbosmooth. It can really make your models look great, but it adds a lot of unnecessary geometry to a model (which for video games is a bad thing). From my experience setting proper smoothing groups instead is a better option. Simple geometry paired with a good texture can look just as good in game. An advanced technique is baking the detail from a high poly model into a low poly model, you can search Youtube for detailed tutorials if you're interested in learning more. Another helpful tip would be to add triangles to your scene information (since the game converts to triangles), it's a good thing to keep track of when you model. You can do this by clicking the "+" symbol in the upper left hand corner of your viewing window, select "Configure Viewports...", click on "Statistics and check the "Triangle Count" box and I also check the "Total+Selection" box. This helps a lot with keeping track of how much geometry your selected model has and also keeps track of the rest of your scene (for when your outfitting a vehicle or modeling a complete vehicle). Keep striving to learn more and grow as a modeler and you'll be surprised by what you can build. It's all up to you how far you want to take it, good luck!
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  3. Traffic breakin'

    Chippy is part of the Accurate Studio team
  4. USAF Security Forces

    I think you should make him at least an Airman First Class (E-3) or Senior Airman (E-4), even though age wise he looks like a E-5/E-6. Can't see his left side but I'm guessing you have the SF function badge over the US Air Force tape and the SP badge on the pocket below?
  5. Modern Harley Police?

    A newer, more accurate model is in the works.....
  6. LAPD motor unit ped problem

    It looks like you're trying to map a oval shaped badge texture (LAPD) to a 7-point star style badge (CHP). The shapes are too different from each other to look correct. You'll probably have to wait for OpenIV/GIMS to add the correct badge, unless you can change out the ped torso like you could in GTA IV without going through a complete conversion (I haven't been following the GTA V scene close enough to be a useful resource). If the latter is possible it might still look wrong if the meshes don't align properly (since they're designed for another ped).

    Well to answer your question; there are several police motorcycle projects in the works, but it takes a LOT of time from start to finish, so give it some time. As far as the BRP Spyder, keep in mind MOST people don't have the skills to model a complete model like that. Based on the photos I would say it's an interesting and very unique project, but keep in mind that a 3d modeler prefers to see blueprints showing TOP/SIDES/FRONT/REAR and even a Bottom view being ideal. Take a look at 'The-Blueprints" website to see exactly what I'm referring to for modeling blueprints. Reference photos are great to have to see all the details and everything that isn't shown in blueprints, but to get the general shape and scale blueprints are ideal. So for anyone reading this it's best to include complete blueprints when making 'suggestions/requests'. Just my .02.